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If you are searching for garden power tools, consider Worx. Worx grass trimmers, mowers, leaf blowers, and especially cordless string trimmers are rated well and are very popular in stores.

Worx tools come from Positec, respected Chinese manufacturer with US-based headquarter, specialized for lawn and garden equipment production. Here, we will try to find out why many people have recommended battery-powered or cordless Worx grass trimmers, and how good the models are for your yard.

Three important characteristics of cordless grass trimmers are power, cutting diameter and – price. Versatile offer of Worx includes 20V, 32V, 40V, 48V and 56-volt tools with 10”, 12” or 13-inch diameter. The prices are in the range from $66 to $192 in North American Home Depot stores.

Each Worx grass trimmer is a trimmer and edger, i.e. “two in one” tool. Some models are even “three in one” – the interesting feature is added, making tools to be trimmers, edgers and mini-mowers.

Along with sufficiently wide offer available and affordable prices, you will get improved Lithium-ion battery features and functional design in Worx trimmers.

We have selected three Worx cordless grass trimmers to review, for three categories of users or, better said, three different sizes of yards.

Popular Worx Grass Trimmers

Worx WG154

Worx WG154Worx WG154

If you have a small, well maintained lawn, without tough weed, Worx grass trimmer WG154 would be a good choice. The price is $66 for trimmer/edger, 20V battery, charger, and one spool. Trimmer is lightweight (6 pounds only), ergonomic and handy, extremely easy-to-use. The line size is 0.065”, string feed is automatic, while the converting between trimming and edging function is simple. The tool is equipped with the spacer guard for plant and object protection. Yet, keep in mind that 10-inch diameter is not so great. The trimmer could be shortly described as the smaller one for simple work.

Worx grass trimmer WG154 is well rated by users, who love its lightness. There was more power than the most customers expected. Some objections were made to battery life and charging time. Generally, battery needs about five hour to be recharged and up to half hour to be discharged.

Worx WG175

Worx WG175Worx WG175

We have mentioned three in one trimmers before, and WG175 is the type representative. Cordless grass trimmer with 12-inch diameter of working field can be easily converted to edger or mini mower. Compared to previous model, the price is double ($119 at Amazon or $135 in Home Depot), but you will have a more powerful tool, bigger and still lightweight, ideal for advanced lawn shaping.

The tool weight is 6.2 pounds only, similar to the previous model. A new 32-volt MaxLithium battery is improved version; that means, as manufacturer says, no self-discharge, with longer runtime (up to 35 minutes) and shorter charging time (3 hours). The line size is still 0.065”, with automatic string feed. Telescopic adjustable shaft may be varied to adapt to tasks and people of different heights. Additional features include dual-positioned in-line wheels for precise edging and mowing function, flower space guard and a front auxiliary handle, equipped with seven locking adjustments.

Trimmer, 32V MaxLithium battery, charger, three trimmer spools, support wheels and safety guard are in the kit.

Worx WG191

Worx WG191Worx WG191

Worx grass trimmer WG191 is one of those tools named as “gas-like string trimmers”. The tool is designed for hard duty jobs and professional use. The most powerful cordless trimmer from Worx features 13-inch cutting diameter with 0.08-inch line, pivoting head and 56-Volt MaxLithium battery. The weight of 13.5 pounds is light, but only compared to gas models – it is two times heavier than the previous models. Battery run time is 45 – 55 minutes.

Many features distinguish this model from others: variable speed control, battery indicator, rotating rear handle, two-wheel edger, controlled feed spool. The great power has its price, and for Worx WG 191 it is $183 minimum. Battery and charger are included.

In reviews, customers gave excellent ratings for Worx WG191. There is no complaint on power and battery life, the customers were mainly happy. Model is similar to gas powered trimmers, but quieter, lighter and environment friendly – no need to deal with the gas. Some problems have appeared with auto feed system and line feed smoothness. Users think that shoulder strap would be welcomed, especially when using it for a while.

Manufacturer provided three years limited warranty for each of three trimmers reviewed here.

As a conclusion, let’s say again that the Worx grass trimmers are highly recommended by users. All Worx models powered by Lithium-ion battery are rated between 4 and 5 on 1-5 scale. They are affordable, efficient, and evaluated as good value for money.

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