Westinghouse Inverters for emergency power outages

For a lot of people, electrical generator is really important if they stay in such locations where the power outrage is a common thing of the day. The Westinghouse inverters are a blend of technology along with simplicity of use. They can be of different varieties starting from 1KW portable to the large generators that run a complete house. Being one of the top providers of portable inverter generators, Westinghouse presents the following four models engineered with supreme features and top notch quality. 

In this article, four models are going to be compared: 

  1. The WH1000i digital inverter generator
  2. The WH2000i inverter generator
  3. The WH2000iXLT digital inverter generator
  4. The WH2400i Digital inverter generator


Westinghouse WH1000iWestinghouse WH1000i

Starting off with the similarities, all four of the above mentioned Westinghouse inverters have double insulated acoustic hood, power indicator light, AC overload reset, low oil consumption, small and light in weight and obviously high efficiency run mode. The AC overload and high efficiency run mode make these devices of Westinghouse a must have in every house because it saves so much oil consumption and also protects the house from a high voltage or overload. 

Considering the above mentioned factors, it is really beneficial that all the four devices are provided with so much similar features, which portrays that if you are within a limited budget, you can definitely have effective features which will make your investment worthy. Another important common feature of all the four variations of Westinghouse inverters is that they offer a complete warranty of 2 years. Also the fact that all 4 models are light in weight makes them very much small and mobile which is very convenient.

With such similarities, you might be wondering what must be the distinctive features that make all the four variations unique. Well, here are the unique differences that can be obtained in specific models only.


Westinghouse WH2000iXLTWestinghouse WH2000iXLT

The first factor is WH2400i and WH2000iXLT digital inverter generator have the new explorer series along with two USB ports and parallel capable units which uses the WPP cable #260041. This makes it much more durable for using over a long period of time. 

The WH1000i has a run time of 9.5 hours at a load of 25% and 8 hours at a load of 50% while the other three variations have a runtime of 17 hours at 25% load and 13 hours at 50% load. The fuel capacity of WH1000i is 0.8 gallon for oil carrying while the three variations have a capacity of 1.3 gallon. 

Considering the power producing capability, the WH2400i portable digital inverter offers 2100 watts power output while the two models WH2000iXLT and WH2000i offer an output of 1800 watts while WH1000i offers an output of 1000 watts. The more watts a mobile inverter is able to generate, the functionality of the inverter increases to such extent. 

The engine of the Westinghouse WH1000i digital inverter generator is small at 52CC, 4 stroke, OHV while the other three variations of Westinghouse generators WH2000i, WH2000iXLT & WH2400i digital inverters comprise of 79cc, 4 stroke engine. The more engine capability, the more will be efficiency of the inverter. 

Westinghouse WH24000iWestinghouse WH24000i


In this comparison these portable Westinghouse inverters, it can be said that all four models are good for usage, but the functionality and usability varies according to the specifications. The WH1000i model seems to be usable for a standard period of time, since its runtime and engine efficiency is not very much upgraded. On the other hand, if you are looking for something that can be used for a longer time in a single day, then you can opt for the WH2400i digital inverter generator. For a limited budget and functionality, WH2000i or the WH2000iXLT is the perfect choice. Thus, to cope with your daily necessity, you can definitely check out all the four models, but we would prefer the WH2000i or WH2000iXLT as a standard choice. And the WH24000i is better than all the rest, provided you are willing to spend a little more.

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