Selecting the Best Weber Portable Grill

Detail review of the best Weber portable grills for camping, tailgating, RVing, outdoors, patio and backyard grilling. Weber charcoal grills are travel size grills that can be found in four designs. Watch Weber grill videos.

Two portable models; Weber Smokey Joe Gold and Smokey Joe Silver, are designed as the kettle type charcoal grills, while Weber Char Q and Go-Anywhere charcoal grills are Hibachi-style or table top type.

Selecting the Best Weber Portable Grill

Weber Char Q model


Weber Char QWeber Char Q

Weber Char Q charcoal grill is strong but not too heavy, as the main body and the lid are made of cast-aluminum; frame is of the glass-reinforced nylon and the charcoal basket is made of the strong aluminized steel.

This modern style portable Weber grill offers two cooking grates with the total size of 280 square inch, made of cast-iron and porcelain-enameled for easy cleanup and protection. For easy adding the charcoal, simply lift the two-piece split grates.

Top and bottom dampers are specially designed to allow proper airflow and grill temperature. And for searing your favorite steak just close the lid.

Below the grates, there is a removable aluminum catch pan, designed to collect the ash which makes the maintenance and clean up very easy.

Weber provides 5-year limited warranty on its Char Q model.

Pros and Cons

According to the online reviewers, Weber Char Q charcoal grill is a good buy; it is light and versatile unit (when using the accessories). The most frequent complaints are: hard to clean, food is too close to the charcoal and since it burns the food easily you have to be very cautious when grilling. Weber portable grill can supply dozen people with burgers, hot dogs without having them wait.

Many customers were using Weber Char Q charcoal grill for camping, fishing, beach and outdoor parties, RV-ing, tailgate parties, and according to them, it is also perfect if you have limited space in your home or condo.

Price (approx): $150

Weber Go-Anywhere model


Weber Go-AnywhereWeber Go-Anywhere

Go-Anywhere model is another space-saving and compact unit from Weber charcoal grills.

Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill can be used as the table top grill and for outdoor use like camping and tailgate parties, as it is built to last.

Porcelain-enameled steel lid and cooking box prevent the grill surface to peel, fade or rust and heavy-duty legs can lock the lid for easy carrying and storage in your vehicle. Built-in lid hangers allow you to put the lid on the side of the grill so it can be used as the protection against the wind.

Go-Anywhere Weber portable grill is equipped with the generous plated steel cooking grate that can grill several medium steaks or pork chops. The unit is designed with 3 glass-reinforced nylon handles for easy carrying where the top one, once the lid is locked, allows you to carry this portable grill with one hand only.

Weber Go-Anywhere great design allows you to have better control over the grill temperature by using the air dampers, located on the side of the grill. This is what makes the proper heat distribution so meat can be cooked evenly.

This model is listed as one of the top models in our review of the best portable charcoal grills.

Weber manufacturer provides 10-year limited warranty on the unit.

Pros and Cons

According to the online reviews, Weber Go-Anywhere charcoal grill is very affordable and convenient charcoal grill. It is recommended for small groups of people (up to 4). It is very portable and fits anywhere. Some complains are related to hard cleaning as the ash can stuck in tight corners. Other negative reviews are about loose lid when it does not hinge. Even with the plastic handles you should wear the kitchen mittens.

Weber Smokey Joe Gold


Weber Smokey Joe GoldWeber Smokey Joe Gold

Smokey Joe Gold is the kettle style Weber portable grill that is ideal for tailgating and outdoor charcoal grilling, due to its portability and weather resistant features.

This is a great on-the-go charcoal BBQ and its kettle shape provides not only convenience but better grilling control and even cooking also. You can easily cook hot dogs, steaks (three at the same time), pork chops, fish and even the whole chicken.

Porcelain-enameled steel lid can be used when searing steaks and as the protection against the wind. Just slide the lid down and lower the lid locks to support the lid. This is why Smokey Joe Gold Grill is very convenient to use and transport. Grill bowl is also made of porcelain enameled steel so it won't peel, fade or rust.

On the top of the lid, there is an aluminum vent, which doesn't corrode and helps in heat regulation, by allowing the proper air flow. Above the vent, there is a handle made of nylon, which allows convenient carrying.

Cooking grate, 14.5" in diameter, is made of heavy duty steel and plated for protection; it is easy to clean and what is important, according to some reviewers, food doesn't stick.

Pros and Cons

Some of the complaints are saying that it is inconvenient to remove the ashes of charcoal, without having to dump it out, as it doesn't have the bottom holes. Also, since the side vents are situated above the charcoal and when the wind is blowing, the grill doesn't work properly. Distance between the grill and the charcoal is one of the main drawbacks, so you have to watch the food carefully to keep from burning it. Legs are not sturdy enough.

Weber's Smokey Joe Gold Grill is according to our review, one of the best small charcoal grills.

It comes with the 10-year limited warranty.

Weber Smokey Joe Silver

Weber Smokey Joe SilverWeber Smokey Joe Silver

Weber Smokey Joe Silver charcoal grill is very similar to Smokey Joe Gold model, but the only difference is that there are no lid latches, so there is no way to "seal" this grill for easy transportation.

Smokey Joe Silver is still very affordable (cheaper than the Gold model), convenient to carry and use, light and portable, and it is made of the same material as the above Weber portable grill.


Weber charcoal grills described above are small and portable grills, which are easy to transport and carry, very affordable and without compromising on quality. Either you prefer kettle style or hibachi, for camping, tailgating or as the table top backyard grill, Weber portable grill is the solution.

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