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Tabletop gas grill and how to select the best portable table top gas grill for your indoor and outdoor kitchen, camping or tailgate party. Find the top tabletop grills such as Weber, Coleman...

The best tabletop gas grill review

Here is the list of the best selling and reviewed table top grills found online, including customer reviews from the,, and others. Table top gas grills such as Weber Q grill, Go-Anywhere series and Coleman tabletop propane grill can be found if using the appropriate links at the bottom.

Cuisinart Tabletop Gas Grill

cuisinart tabletop gas grillCuisinart

Cuisinart is the world known brand for kitchen appliances and is becoming more and more popular for portable gas grills, like the above Cuisinart Portable Propane Grill CGG200. This is a tabletop gas grill with a high score; 4.5 of 5, based on many reviews from the online stores.

No wonder when you see the quality of the grill such as the folding stainless-steel side shelves to carry and store your food, the dual layer stainless-steel lid, rust protected body...

Cuisinart CGG200 grill is a powerful tabletop gas grill that provides a decent and even heat output using a single stainless steel tubular burner. This burner generates 12,000 Btus which is more than enough for a large cooking area (240 sq. in.) Cuisinart CGG200 has. Its heat-distributing panel delivers the heat needed to grill the food from veggies, fish, chicken to the steaks, ensuring the great grilling results.

Like other popular and the best portable gas grills, this unit also has a good grease management and necessary accessories, making the unit versatile for convenient grilling. Temperature gauge is a great feature for better grill temperature control. Twist-start ignition allows the quick fire start-up and drip tray collects enough grease.

Cooking grate is made of the high quality heavy cast iron that gives you good grill marks and is porcelain enameled for easy cleaning. Cuisinart CGG200 comes with the modular grill-surface system that features a series of interchangeable specialized grill surfaces for different types of food.

The price is approximately $170, and it comes with the 3-year warranty.


  • Online reviewers like the Cuisinart CGG200 large cooking area. It is perfect as the tabletop gas grill for an indoor and outdoor use, and it doesn't occupy too much space.

  • High quality materials and many positive reviews on the stainless steel look.

  • Portable and easy to transport. It can use 20-pound refillable propane tank.

  • Cuisinart CGG200 portable grill provides temperature high enough for all types of food.


  • Due to its heavy duty cooking grate and stainless steel elements, the overall conclusion is that this table top gas grill is hard to carry.

  • It is more expensive than leading brands (Weber Q 100 is $140, for example).

  • Fold out side tables, even made of stainless steel are thin and flimsy.

  • Not hot enough for steaks.

Coleman Roadtrip Tabletop Gas Grill

coleman roadtrip tabletop grillColeman Roadtrip

Coleman's Roadtrip grill is the compact portable propane grill that is designed as the tabletop gas grill or with the stand.

Roadtrip tabletop grill is lightweight; base is made of the durable die-cast aluminum, metal lid is weather resistant since it is porcelain coated and the frame is glass-reinforced for comfortable carrying.

The grill features a single stainless steel adjustable burner, that can generate maximum heat power of 10,000 Btus and it can operate with the settings from low to high. Roadtrip table top grill is equipped with the Instastart ignition systems that allows easy and matchless lighting.

It operates on 16.4 propane cylinder like all other Coleman propane grills, and is adaptable to a 20 lb propane tank with the correct adapter.

Temperature gauge is the built-in feature located on the lid, so you can have more control over the temperature inside the grill.

Other useful features are the warming rack included in your purchase, drip trays that can slide out for convenient cleaning.

Total grilling surface is 245 sq. in. plus 40 sq. in. warming rack. Cooking area is represented with the cast iron grate, porcelain coated for durability. High quality plastic is used for handles and easy carrying and for grill legs with rubber feet, so they help to stabilize the grill while in use.

The price for Coleman's tabletop gas grill is $150, and it comes with the three-year warranty.


  • Easy to use and transport.

  • It can be used as the tabletop gas grill or sitting on the stand making it perfect as the kitchen portable grill and for tailgate parties.

  • Attractive look and very handy due to its small portable size.

  • Durable and stable.

  • Large cooking area.

  • Heats up fast and efficiently.

  • When you buy a separate carrying case, packing and transport are snap.

  • Very convenient temperature control with the built in thermostat.


  • The grill is heavy and bulky.

  • The heating element cannot be removed which makes cleaning harder especially when experience more dripping.

  • Imprecise temperature control.

  • Lid latch is loose, opens frequently when moving the grill.

  • Some complaints about the quality... cheap material used.

Grill4ALL Portable Tabletop Grill

grill4all tabletop portable propane grillGrill4ALL

Grill-4-All grill is according to the online websites that are dealing with the portable grills, one of the best portable gas, electric and charcoal grills. That is correct, all three in one.

You can buy this unit as the tabletop gas grill, for example, and buy conversion kits to change the fuel type. According to the manufacturer, all three choices are interchangeable, and they are sold as accessories.

Grill-4-All is very light, only 15 pounds, it is small and portable where all the parts can be stored inside the box, making it great for outdoors and indoors, when traveling and when you stay at home.

The grill is totally made of stainless steel, even the grill grate and 8,500 Btu propane burner. It also features the extendable legs so the grill can stand on and change its height up to 32", a small kebab rotisserie system and a swivel boat mounting.

Grill-4-All also includes the stainless steel charcoal rack, thermostat, wind guard, attachable electric element with thermostat control, lighter, heat shield, propane regulator with three heat settings, propane burner, cooking grate and open-flame broiling. The grill is using 16.4 oz. disposable propane tank, and if you want to use standard 20lb size than you have to buy the adapter and hose.

The price for Grill-4-All tabletop gas grill is $265, and the warranty is 5 years.


  • Versatile grill, you can convert it to use all three fuel types; gas, electric and propane.

  • Portable and compact size for easy storage and travel.

  • It doesn't require tools to assemble the grill.

  • It distributes the heat evenly and fast.

  • Adjustable height so it can sit on a counter, tabletop or standing free on the ground.

  • Easy-to-use mounting attachments so you can firmly attach the grill in place on patio, balcony or boat railings.

  • You can use kebab rotisserie system.

  • Durable and very light.


  • Doesn't offer too much grilling space.

  • Expensive for a small grill.

  • Fragile.

  • Doesn't offer an option to use a larger propane tank.

This article provides reviews of the best tabletop gas grills, but if you are looking for better deals, more choices or even charcoal grills, use the appropriate links provided. My personal opinion, and I agree with many other websites, is that the Grill-4-All is the best tabletop gas grill, but you won't mistake if you buy any of the above.

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