Sunbrella Hammock Review

Find out why buying a Sunbrella hammock is a good idea and where to use it. See the main benefits of having this portable hammock.

Portable hammocks are made from many different materials and in different styles. They can be hanging between two trees or using the ligthweight hammock stand. Portables are offering great advantages over other type as they are mobile and meant for places with no adequate support. Materials used to build portable hammocks should be lightweight and some are more or less resistant to wear and tear, water, different weather conditions, and more or less comfortable.

One of the popular materials used for hammocks is the Sunbrella, which make them known as Sunbrella hammocks.

Sunbrella fabric is made by the company Glen Raven Custom Fabrics, and is present on the market from 1961, in marine and furniture industry mainly. Today this material is found everywhere where durability and great resistance to the sun and water protection is required.  The lifespan it offers is two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics.

Sunbrella hammock advantages

TheSunbrella hammock is a great replacement for cotton fabric hammocks. It offers similar look and feel as cotton but it is much more durable as it doesn't degrade. Cotton hammock is susceptible to mold and mildew which is not the case with Sunbrella hammocks.

Hammocks made of Sunbrella material are resistant to the direct sunshine which means the color won't fade easily, and extreme weather conditions so they can be left out in bad weather. Such a great quality and performance, with the care-free service make these hammocks very popular among outdoor adventurers and outdoor furniture industry.

They are not only beautiful and easy to maintain, they also come with the high quality strength and are fast drying even after being exposed to lots of rain.

Sunbrella hammocks are also portable. You can find them as folding hammock chairs often seen on the beach or stretched on the frame. The frame is collapsible and the fabric is stretched across. Portability is what makes them great, you can move them from one place to another easily since they are lightweight (usually made from aluminum) and foldable, and they can also be transported within the car. Collapsible stand is usually made of tubes.

Buying Guide

As there are many portable hammocks available on the market, consider the following before you buy one:

Portability is what you should look for if planning to move from one place to another often. The weight is very important for hikers and campers so choosing lightweight construction is the right choice. See also what is the size of the hammock, do you need it for one or two people and what is the size when it is folded.

Material used to make hammock provide comfort and strength. That is why Sunbrella hammock is the right solution, as it provides both. And for better portability it can be combined with the hammock stand made of the aluminum tubes.

Large Quick-Dry Comfort Hammock - Bessemer


Here is one of the great portable Sunbrella hammocks, made by the Pawley Island.

The Bessemer hammock is the two-person hammock made of the single layer Sunbrella fabric, which as most of the Sunbrella materials provide cotton-type comfort, but with much more benefits:

  • The hammock performs well in wet conditions making it ideal for the poolside, beach, even rainy climate.
  • Pawley Island Bessemer hammock is resistant to rot and mold when exposed to frequent water, and doesn't fade or stain when exposed to the sunshine. Due to its all-weather material it can be used year round.
  • It is as soft and comfy as cotton.
  • The frame is made of the zinc-plated steel tubes which are easy to disassemble, and white oak spreaders.
  • Bed size is 55" by 82" in length, which accommodates two people, as long as their total weight doesn't exceeds 450 pounds total.
  • It sells for approximately $190.

This hammock goes perfect with the three-beam hammock stand (sold separately), designed with the portability in mind for easy transport from one place to another. Most of these portable frames are using spring-pin system for simple installation. With a stand wheel kit you will have even more flexibility, as this set allows you to reposition the hammock stand with much less effort than dragging the steel frame.

When hanging a hammock you can use a hammock stand or the tree. In both cases DuraCord rope which is on both ends makes the hanging safe.


The Sunbrella hammock is made of the fast drying and highly breathable material, which ideally suits any wet climate or waterside location, such as poolside or the beach. They are water and mold resistant and when exposed to lots of sun's heat or snow the color doesn't fade and the hammock doesn't lose its performance and strength. This high quality hammock is definitely recommended to relax by the beach or pool, without being afraid that water or extreme weather conditions might ruin your joy and your hammock.

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