Steam Floor Cleaners

Why steam cleaning floors and floor cleaning tips? How to use steam floor cleaners to clean tiles and hardwood floors while eliminating chemicals, toxins and residues left behind.

We already know that floor steam cleaners are not vacuum cleaners. With the steam floor cleaners, the grime and dirt are blasted away, there is no suction like with the vacuum cleaners. Floor steamers will "attack" dirt with the superheated dry steam where cotton cloth is used to collect residues.

Steam cleaners for floors are perfect for hard floors and hard to clean surfaces. For example, gaps between tiles - grout is very hard to clean, so using steamers that are producing high temperature and high pressure steam will do this hard work for you.

With the steam cleaning, there are no harsh chemicals or detergents to use, only tap water. High temperature steam of around 130 degrees instantly kills "bad guys" like bacteria, viruses, dust mites, fungi, mould, fleas, flea eggs and eliminates the odor.

Steam Floor cleaner types

One of the most popular types of steam floor cleaners for hard floor surfaces is a steam mop. Traditional mopping, when compare to steam cleaning is history. Steam mops, such as these Shark mops, allow you to clean and sanitize ceramic tiles even hardwood floors very fast and what is important with much less water, so home cleaning is easier, safer and better.

The most popular brands are Shark, Bissell, Monster, Haan and Dirt Devil. Steam mops, they are designing are lightweight and portable, very easy to move while leaving floors clean, dry and over 90% sanitized.

You can buy a steam mop with one single function, or with dual action, such as Shark 2-in-1 Vac-then-Steam. These floor steam cleaners are designed to vacuum dust and light particles and mop the floor afterwards.

Sometimes, it is not necessary to vacuum the floor before steam cleaning, but it is recommended. It is recommended because you don't want to leave non-water soluble particles on the floor and scratch floor when mopping. This is why 2-in-1 systems are practical and handy, but they do not provide high suction power.

Steam mops for floor cleaning

Steam mops are recommended for hard floor cleaning; for ceramic tiles, sealed wood and vinyl flooring but not for the unsealed wood and unglazed ceramic floors. Testing an isolated area is recommended.

Steam mops are using tap water if water is not too hard or distilled water if it is. As they are not using harsh chemicals or detergents, steam mops are ideal for homes with kids, seniors or pets.

Keep in mind that floor steam cleaners are working with the hot steam. High heat and moisture coming from vapor might not be safe on some surfaces. Be careful when steam cleaning hardwood floors or any other untreated wood as it might swell and eventually crack.

When buying a steam floor cleaner look for a model or type which has a wide array of attachments, such as brushes for cleaning hard surfaces, a squeegee tool for cleaning smooth surfaces and other.

Models with the longer cord are what you should look for so you don't have to change the outlets often; and consider a mop with the large water tank to avoid frequent refilling.

One of the problems you might be facing when mopping are cloudy, streaky and spotty floor after steaming. As the steam contains 5-6% of water, it is a good idea to wipe the floor with the dry cloth.

To avoid problems with residues keep your micro-fiber pad clean, or if one side is dirty flip it over and use the clean side.

Steam cleaning vinyl floor

Vinyl floor is very easy to clean. For cleaning vinyl floors move the steam mop fast to avoid heat buildup in vinyl and affect its structure. Simply use the cotton brush to collect any moist left and dirt, and once it gets dirty either flip it over or replace it. For the most stubborn spots use a brush; do not expose it to too much heat.

Steam cleaning wood floor

Hard floors such as laminate and hardwood floorings are getting on popularity as they provide much healthier environment for living. They are durable, nice looking and expensive, so they need special care when cleaning with any type of floor steam cleaners.

So what is the best way to clean hardwood floors or laminate? Vinegar, traditional mop or steam floor cleaners?

Steam cleaning as said before is for sealed wood floors only. Unsealed wood floors, freshly painted or waxed floors should not be cleaned with the steamer.

Either cleaning the laminate or hardwood flooring with the steam mop, do not keep the wet mop for too long on one spot, as the moisture and high temperature might damage the floor. The best floor cleaners are the ones that produce dry steam and do not leave droplets of water on the floor. And remember, once you are done with steam floor cleaning use the microfiber cloth, absorbent towel or washcloth and dry the cleaned floor.

However, before you start consult the manufacturer as damage caused by the excessive moisture is not covered in a warranty.

Steam cleaning ceramic tile floor

Cleaning ceramic tile flooring is very simple, but the grout is hard. None of us like to be on knees and scrap all the dirt collected in that small space between tiles. This is why floor steam cleaners are equipped with the detail nozzle and the brush for the grout specifically.

Steam floor cleaners are using only high temperature steam and pressure to clean tiles. No need to add cleaning solution. Steamer is good enough to remove the soap scum, film and even grout, and to disinfect the area. And no worries that the protective glazing on the top of the tile will be affected.

Some powerful steam floor cleaners can even bring the original color to the old tiles, the ones that got yellow with the age.


Steam floor cleaners are an ideal tool to keep your home clean, improve air quality and protect the environment. Known as vapor cleaners, steam cleaners are often used by allergy sufferers as the superheated steam removes dust mites and mold from floors, even beds, upholstery... Bissell, Shark, Monster steam mops are used as the natural sanitizer, and they are recommended for cleaning sealed hard floors, vinyl, linoleum and tiles.

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