Stanley Portable Generators Review

Stanley portable generators come with impressive features such as capability to run in all-weather conditions, innovative and compact designs as well as extra-large fuel tank capacity found in some models. It’s no surprise that Stanley has been a trusted name in the portable generator business owing to their highly dependable, reliable and sturdy portable generators that have been fulfilling the needs of customers for a long time.

Let us take an in-depth look at 4 specific models from the stables of Stanley portable generators:

  • 2250 Watt Generator 
  • 3250 Watt Generator 
  • 5000 Watt Generator 
  • 8000 Watt Generator


Stanley G2250SStanley G2250S

A portable generator is just the perfect one to be placed outdoors if you are facing frequent troubles of power cuts. And among the different companies making the portable generators, Stanley portable generators are very much popular that comprises of different varieties of generators. 

Starting with the 2250 watt generator of $399, this one is just the perfect for placing outdoors or garages. It is capable of running continuously for 3.6 hours at 1/2 load consuming 0.4 gallons of Gasoline. This one is also equipped with a power cord 25 ft long along with 120 volt GFCI outlets.

Considering another variation of the Stanley portable generators, the 3250 watt generator of $449 is suitable for the same category which can be placed in outdoors in case of frequent power loss. This one is also provided with a 25 ft power cord along with 120 volt GFCI outlets. Both the above mentioned Stanley portable generators are compact and light in weight, which makes those easy to transport in various construction sites. 

Differences between 2250 watt, 3250 watt, 5000 watt and 8000 watt generators

Stanley G5000SStanley G5000S

If you are looking for commercial-duty generators, then you can opt for the 5000 watt Stanley portable generators of $899 each. The design is made in such a way, that the generator can be placed in dry location leaving the base in any wet or rainy or snowy place.

This one is capable of running 24 hours constantly on half load with a consumption of 12 gallon tank of gasoline. The 5000 watt generator comes along with a 15 ft long power cord with 120volt GFCI outlets. 

Another variety of the commercial portable generator is the 8000 watt storm portable of $1399. This one also comes along with removable panel which can be kept in a dry location and place the core base on a wet or snowy location. The 8000 watt generator is capable of constantly running for 18 hours on ½ loads with a consumption of 12 gallon tank of gasoline.  

Apparently, all the four varieties of the portable generators may seem to perform almost the same functions with a difference of running time; but an in-depth analysis of the specifications will help us in selecting the better one. 

Considering the specifications, the 2250 watt model offer 66 db which is quiet in operation and the core of the generator comprises of 140 cc, 4 strokes, OHV gasoline engine and a 1600 watts of continuous output including a peak output of 2250 watts. While for the outdoor activities, the 3250 watt generator offers 173 cc, 4 stroke OHV gasolines along with a continuous output of 2250 watts and a peak output of 3250 watts. Thus it is evident that, considering light outdoor activities, the 3250 watt Stanley portable generators are much more suitable in terms of output voltage. Again the run time of 2250 watt generator is 3.6 hours which is better than a 3250 watt generator which offers 2.5 hours continuous usage.


Now, let us browse through the differences of the commercial purpose Stanley portable generators. The 5000 watt runs on a 279 cc, 4 stroke engine that allows low oil consumption and 5000 watts of continuous output is delivered with a peak output of 6500 watts. The continuous runtime is 24 hours for this specific model. On the contrary, the 8000 watt generator runs on 420 cc, 4 stroke engines offering a continuous output of 8000 watts along with a peak output of 10000 watts. But the runtime for this specific model is 18 hours. Considering the noise quality, this one creates a 71 db sound which is much more than 5000 watt generator that makes 68 db noises.

Considering these differences, we believe the 5000 watt generator to be the best buy.

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