Stamina InMotion Treadmill Review

Stamina InMotion Treadmill expert and consumer reviews with pictures and videos. Buy Stamina manual treadmill for portable exercise at home; small and compact design allows easy transport and storage.

Stamina InMotion model is a small manual folding treadmill that can be used as the light duty workout machine at home, for cardio exercise, to get in shape and lose weight.

Due to its compact and foldable size, and designed with no requirements for the electric outlet, it can fit and be used in almost any room.

Stamina InMotion Treadmill - Features and specs

Stamina InMotionStamina InMotion

Buy Stamina InMotion model 45-1002A if looking for a manual treadmill that is simple by design and it folds up for easy storage. Stamina treadmill is the exercise machine that doesn't use any electricity, and as other manual types is using your own power to run and control the speed.

The workout on the manual treadmill, such as Stamina, is very beneficial. You are actually doing all the hard work, since you are using more strength than in a case of the electric treadmills.

Even being manual, Stamina InMotion treadmill is using a functional battery-driven monitor so you can easily and conveniently track your progress, time, speed and distance. In-touch electronic monitor also gives info about the burnt calories.

The frame is made of the steel construction which should provide years of the worry-free operation. It stands on two wheels to make moving around easy. The drawback is the short one year warranty.

The size of the walking deck is 17x42", which is one of the longest manual treadmills and is enough for walking and users up to 6.2' in height. The walking resistance needed to push the treadmill belt can be adjusted by installing or removing the bumper stands, found at the bottom of the treadmill. Dual-weight flywheels are what provides a smooth operation of the treadmill.

The deck can be inclined into two positions; 8 and 10 degrees, making it very useful for burning more calories and losing weight. The walking surface is textured to protect the user from slipping and it can withstand weights up to 250 pounds.

Stamina InMotion Treadmill - user reviews

Stamina InMotion treadmill has been reviewed by over 80 users who purchased this treadmill from; they gave 4 stars out of 5 maximum. There were also over 160 reviews on who reviewed Stamina treadmill 3.8 out of maximum 5.

Watch Stamina InMotion treadmill reviews on YouTube and visit manufacturer website for more info and the manual.


  • Much cheaper than electronic home treadmills.
  • Simpler construction means less components can broken down.
  • Easily folds up and down, making it ideal for moving around and storing.
  • Its lightweight construction of 56 pounds makes it very portable.
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Stamina InMotion treadmill doesn't use the electricity, this is a self-powered treadmill.
  • Manual treadmills are according to some users better option to tone legs than the electronic treadmills.
  • Very quiet machine.
  • The manual is very easy to follow and it takes less than 20 minutes for the set-up.


  • Not suitable for taller people, above 6'2".
  • Not suitable for jogging and running.
  • Too much resistance at the low speed and not enough at higher speeds.
  • The most frequent complaints are that the belt keeps sliding to one side or the other. It requires frequent re-adjustments.
  • The bar on the treadmill is positioned too low.
  • The machine design requires you to maintain the grip on the handles.

Recommendation from the users is to put a 2x6' under the rear feet of the treadmill, to decrease the slope of the belt and increase the resistance for a slower pace and better workout. Also, get some silicone lubricant for better performance.

Keep in mind that your Stamina InMotion II treadmill needs adjustments after assembling is done. As the belt is running on the treadmill board and between two rollers you have to properly align the belt and have it move without much effort.

The belt must be in the center and tight, but not too tight as it might damage the bearing on the rollers.


Stamina InMotion treadmill is a good size, lightweight manual treadmill that can be stored almost anywhere. This is a simple exercise machine that provides a great workout as it is self-powered. You will need some time to adjust, especially if you have used a motorized treadmill before.

You will also notice that by using your own strength to power the machine and keep the speed, you will burn more calories and tone your legs faster than with the electric treadmills. It is recommended for home or office use, walking, losing weight and cardio fitness.

You can buy Stamina InMotion treadmill for $150 on and it comes with with one year warranty on the frame.

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