Solo Portable Sauna Review

Solo portable sauna expert review with pictures and videos. Find Solo portable infrared sauna advantages and health benefits.

Solo system is a one-person, dome shaped portable infrared sauna that is designed and built by the Sunlighten (Formerly Sunlight Saunas) manufacturer.

The company was founded in 1999, as the wellness company that produces and sells infrared saunas for both residential and commercial use.

Far infrared saunas, including Solo portable sauna, from Sunlighten, offer great therapeutic benefits; they can help you detoxify the body, assist with weight loss, provide pain relief... and have been clinically tested.


Solo portable infrared saunaSolo sauna

Solo portable sauna features double dome design that together with the Solo Pad, works effectively and therapeutically on your body.

This portable sauna uses the clinically tested and proven Solocarbon heating technology to improve the health, rejuvenates and refreshes your body. Solo portable infrared sauna can be used as the home sauna or commercially as the spa, for example.

How Solocarbon infrared heating technology works?

Infrared heat from Solocarbon heaters penetrates the tissue much deeper than heaters used in traditional saunas. This technology consists of the large heat-sealed panels built into the walls of sauna that emits the infrared rays at a low and constant temperature, providing better heat distribution and many health benefits, including detoxification and weight loss.

Solo portable infrared sauna is made of the enhanced waterproof and breathable material, providing an easier air circulation which makes you feel comfortable when sweating.

It's portable designed and 69x28x18" size, allows you using this FAR infrared heating system on the floor, bed or massage table (as shown on the picture). It can be used in three different modes; standard mode, seated mode and lower body mode.

The infrared heat is coming from three directions: from the upper dome, lower dome and from Solo Pad heat; independently from each other. The upper heat is coming from five heating panels, with the power of 900 w, while Solo Pad has two heaters with the power of 380 W. FIR emission is approximately 40-50%.

You can control and adjust the heat/temperature inside the dome based on your comfort level, using the digital control panel or one touch Solo Pad controls. Solo Pad is cushioned for your comfort and is foldable so it can slide under any bed or stored in the closet.

Digital control panel has 9 different settings, and you can set desired temperature in any of these three areas independently, including the foot heater.

Watch Solo portable sauna on YouTube and visit manufacturer website for more info and instructions:


Solo portable sauna is the efficient, economical and convenient way for the enhanced health benefits (clinical data), increase of the core temperature, relieve of the pain, increase of the circulation and help in mobility. According to the manufacturer, Solocarbon heaters provide 7x more effective detoxification than in traditional saunas.

Solo infrared portable sauna is lightweight and its double dome design makes it easy to store and even take with you when traveling. The price for this dome shaped, one-person portable FAR sauna is around $1800, and it comes with the lifetime warranty on construction and heaters.

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