Soleus Dehumidifier Review

Which is the best Soleus dehumidifier for home; Soleus 40 pint dehumidifier CFM-40 or Soleus 70 pint DP1-70-03? The greatest strengths of Soleus portable dehumidifiers are the efficient removal of the unwanted moisture from air, increased room and home comfort and mobility.

Best Soleus dehumidifier for home

Soleus dehumidifier CFM-40 review

Soleus dehumidifier CFM-40Soleus CFM-40

The best selling Soleus dehumidifier on is model CFM-40, which was rated 3.7 from over 680 reviews. Soleus CFM-40 is the 40 pint portable dehumidifier that by utilizing a drainage tank of 12.5 pints is used for areas up to 600 sq. ft.

Soleus portable dehumidifier with its 31 pounds, is promoted as the dehumidifier with the lightweight design.

Great portability comes with its built-in four caster wheels at the bottom and upper carrying handle; so by being mobile, you can easily move it around and from one room to another.

Soleus dehumidifier CFM-40 comes with the adjustable humidistat and 3 settings so it can meet the humidity level if different values are requested. Humidity on the control panel is shown from dry to moist through the humidity level indicator lights. You can change it by using the button from 50% up. Once the right value is reached, the compressor shuts OFF while the fan continuous its work. In the continuous mode (this is a default mode, and the indicator light is ON), Soleus dehumidifier CFM-40 will stop only if you turn it OFF or if automatically stops when the bucket is full.

The fan speed can be changed on the dehumidifier, so if you prefer low noise level, recommendation is to use the lowest setting as the unit will make 41 dB only, which is very quiet. Also, Soleus CFM-40 can operate at the low temperatures and thanks to the auto-frost feature it can keep the efficiency as expected.

The control panel with handy key-buttons is situated at the front side while the discharge port and louver are at the top.

As any other dehumidifier, when Soleus dehumidifier SFM-40 collects the moisture from the air, it uses a bucket to accumulate water, which is conveniently located at the front. Soleus portable dehumidifier utilizes the magnetic float for more accurate water level reading and is magnetic to prevent the float being stuck due to the sediment build-up. At the side of the unit there is a continuous drainage port which allows hassle-free operation as the water in the drainage tank is continuously drained out. At the back of the unit, you'll find a power supply cord and the air filter, which should be cleaned periodically to provide an obstructed air flow to the unit.

Soleus provides a one-year warranty for its portable dehumidifiers.

Pros and cons

As said before, the Soleus compact dehumidifier CFM-40 got over 640 reviews. For many users, model CFM-40 was a solution for the wet basements as it can run for long time, with the minimal maintenance only.

Users like its portability, lightweight design and modern look. Mobility is another great feature as the unit can be moved to any part of the house. Designed as medium size unit, CFM-40 dehumidifier removes water from air in rooms up to 500-600 sq.ft. with less noise that its competitors.

One of the drawbacks is that this Soleus portable dehumidifier doesn't have the auto-restart function on power failure. Also, the unit is not Energy Star compliant. Some users think that Soleus CFM-40 wastes energy as the fan is running constantly. Other users recommend using the unit in the vented areas as it produces some amount of heat and discharges into the room where it is located. Lousy customer service was also found in many negative reviews.

Soleus dehumidifier DP1-70-03 review

Soleus dehumidifier DP1-70-03Soleus DP1-70-03

Soleus portable dehumidifier DP1-70-03 is the energy efficient portable dehumidifier that extracts up to 70 pints of moisture per 24 hours, making it ideal for the area space of up to 1,400 sq. ft. Contrary to the SFM-40 model, DP1-70-30 is an Energy Star rated model, which, thanks to its high efficiency, provides decent energy savings.

Soleus portable dehumidifier DP1-70-30 is equipped with the electronic control panel that gives you an access to set or change one of the three fan speeds (Low, Medium or High), humidity level and the timer button with the 2 and 4 hr indicators.

Soleus dehumidifier DP1-70-03 is designed to extract the moist from the musty rooms and provide better air quality and room comfort. The extracted moist from the air will be stored in the bucket, and once it becomes full, the dehumidifier starts the alarm, plus the "bucket full" indicator illuminates letting you know that the time is to empty the bucket. Even with the dehumidifying capacity of 17.5 pints, it might be annoying for some people to empty the bucket every few hours, so more convenient solution is to attach the hose to the drain plug and let the unit drain the bucket continuously into the drain.

Other useful features

  • Built-in digital and adjustable humidistat allows Soleus portable dehumidifier DP1-70-30 to set a humidity level between 35 and 80%.
  • Rolling caster wheels and the handle for easy mobility.
  • Automatic defrost function to remove the frost from the evaporator coils and keep the efficiency high.
  • The unit has the optimum noise level of 56 dB.
  • Low temperature operation down to 41 F.
  • Auto restart after the power loss.
  •  Washable air filter. Filter indicator will light up when the filter needs to be replaced.

Pros and cons

Based on over 100 online reviews, Soleus dehumidifier DP1-70-03 was rated 3.9 out of 5 max. Many users bought this Soleus dehumidifier because of its decent features and many positive reviews. It is capable of reducing the high humidity in wet basements successfully, and it takes from few hours to couple of days depends on the room size.

Users liked the idea of the continuous draining, where the end of the drain tube is usually terminated into the sum pump or floor drain. The praised features are also the timer which gives more flexibility as it can be set for 2 or 4 hours and the low noise level for some. Several complaints were found that the Soleus portable dehumidifier DP1-70-30 cannot keep up with the hot, humid summers and reduce the humidity level to the desired. It does not turn off automatically once the humidity reaches the set value, and the fan will continue working and wasting energy.


The best Soleus dehumidifier come with the two-year warranty. Built small and compact Soleus portable dehumidifiers are easy to move, carry and use and are perfect solution for humid homes, rooms or basements.

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