Smarty Portable Sauna Review

Smarty portable sauna expert review with pictures and videos. Find Smarty portable infrared sauna advantages and health benefits.


Smarty saunaSmarty sauna

Smarty portable sauna is the one-person infrared sauna that can be used commercially at the spa, by physicians, chiropractors, physical and massage therapists, or as the home sauna.

Smarty is advertised as the personal home care system, designed to improve health by increasing the body temperature, blood circulation and heart rate.

Smarty is consisted of the upper and lower dome that covers the whole body while exposing it to the dry, gentle and soothing FAR infrared heating. Actually, the body is not totally exposed to the radiant heat, the head is outside of the dome so you can breathe plenty of fresh air during the treatment.

Infrared heat is coming from the five far infrared black carbon heaters, attached to both domes, covering 95% of the surface. The body of these patented black carbon heaters is made up of organic substances to make it more suitable for use (cannot burn the skin) and durable, so it can resist heat exposure longer.

These heaters with the maximum power of 870 W can produce very comfortable temperature of 74 F, which is suitable for a night sleep, and maximum of 143 F for intense sweating. FIR emission from the black carbon heaters is approximately 99% and energy usage is as a small appliance. The comfort level at the sauna is controlled and adjusted with the control panel which has a clear and visible digital display.

Health benefits when using Smart FAR infrared sauna

  • Helps in weight loss. It burns calories, purifies fat cells and improves and diminishes cellulite.
  • Improves blood circulation without making it hard on the heart. You will experience sweating under the much more comfortable temperature than in the traditional saunas.
  • Sweating allows your body effective detoxification.
  • Lying position, under and inside the Smart sauna allows your body to relax and to get more oxygen.
  • Speeds healing.
  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Cleans the nasal passages.
  • Enhances the immune system.
  • Reduce stress and fatigue.
FAR saunaFAR sauna

Using a Smarty treatment you just have to lie inside for 30 minutes a day to feel the full benefits of this soothing radiant heat.

The result is your body purified from toxins, your mind and body refreshed, skin tone is improved, firm with greater elasticity, youthful and glowing.

Here is one of the positive reviews about Smarty portable sauna, found on

"I've owned the Smarty Sauna for three years and it is incredible! It causes you to sweat profusely in about 10 minutes, and you feel just awesome after a 30-minute treatment. I do a lot of endurance biking, running and also play hockey, and there's just nothing like jumping in my Smarty for 30 minutes to rejuvenate my body! They say it causes sweat from the glands in your body where toxic elements are stored, so it detoxifies you also, but I just love how it makes me feel! "

Watch Smarty infrared sauna and find professional and consumer reviews on YouTube.


Smarty portable sauna is made in Japan. It is selling for $3495, and it comes with the two-year warranty. Smarty is lightweight and compact; it breaks down and sets up in minutes, making it very convenient for storing.

Smarty FAR infrared sauna is very beneficial for your body, thanks to the carbon black heaters. The FAR radiant heat penetrates much deeper and warms the body from the inside and evenly. As there is no pressure on the body, using this treatment is very safe, even for the older people. 

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