Sharp Portable Air Conditioner Review

Sharp portable air conditioner detail review. Find Sharp portable AC CV-P10MX model with features, specifications, pros and cons.  How this versatile 3-in-1 model brings lots of convenience and comfort.


Sharp CV-P10MXSharp CV-P10MX


Sharp CV-P10MX is the 3-in-1 portable air conditioner that generates 9,500 BTUs; an ideal solution for cooling rooms up to 200 sq. ft in size. This Sharp portable AC also features a 3-speed fan and dehumidifier for better home comfort, as it cools, dehumidifies and purifies the air.

Air Distribution

Advanced and modern design provides the efficient 4-way air distribution. Thanks to the automatic oscillating louvers on the top of the unit Sharp CV-P10MX provides better air distribution and feeling because the air flows deeper into the room.


When working in AC mode, Sharp CV-P10MX is using one single hose for the exhaust which means it is using the surrounding air to cool. Window exhaust adapter is provided with the unit for easy installation. 

Low Noise Level

Sharp CV-P10MX is equipped with the patented "Library Quiet" operating technology, which results in a low noise level. With 36 dB this Sharp portable AC is an ideal solution for cooling your bedroom during the hot summer days.

Clean air and Easy Evaporation

With Sharp CV-P10MX you don't have manually to empty the condensate tray as it evaporates when goes through the exhaust vent, which is a great advantage. Other benefits that are specific for this Sharp portable AC are the Ionizator, which is used for the air purification and the Mega Cool mode, an Auto Cool function that selects the best fan speed for the room conditions.


Sharp CV-P10MX is a truly portable device. It weighs 83 pounds and uses 4 built-in casters and handles, so the unit can be easily moved from one room to another room without the hassle. It also installs in minutes with the provided window kit. The only thing you should be aware of is to place the unit on a firm foundation. 


One small disadvantage is that you cannot use the control panel and change the mode or temperature... because there are no buttons, only signal lights, but remote control with the LCD display and all the necessary commands is sufficient. Provided remote control is very handy tool as it controls every function of this portable AC, changes the mode of operation and changes the fan speed and temperature. Another disadvantage is that there is no heater installed.


  • Sharp portable air conditioner, when working in the dehumidification mode can remove up to 60 pints of water per day.
  • Energy Efficiency Rating, EER is decent 9.4.
  • With the noise level of 36 dB this Sharp portable AC unit is super quiet. 
  • You can buy Sharp portable air conditioner for approximately $530, and it is backed by a one-year warranty.


  • Sharp portable room air conditioner has a modern design; it is attractive and sleek.
  • Built well. Plastic looks strong and its elements fit together... it doesn't look that is built cheaply.
  • When comparing window-type AC, portable ACs are very quiet.
  • Very easy to install.
  • Easy to drain.
  • Working great as the supplement to central air.
  • The Mega Cool function is the great feature quickly to start cooling your room.
  • The AC remote works across quite a long distance.


  • With the 85 pounds this portable unit is heavy.
  • Window kit used to install and direct the exhaust hose is flimsy. For some users a window kit cannot fit the modern window type.
  • You cannot access button on the control panel.
  • Some users don't like the idea that portable AC unit actually occupies the room floor.
  • Sharp portable air conditioner cannot cool larger rooms, it is mainly for smaller areas.
  • It requires to install a drain pipe for continue operation.
  • Remote control doesn't have the backlit so it is hard to use it during the night with the lights OFF.
  • Several complaints about the Sharp customer service.


Sharp portable air conditioner is a great solution for those who live in small apartments or houses without a central air conditioning system or want to use this room type AC as the supplement unit. Sharp CV-P10MX can be installed in the corner of your room, close to the window and what is great is that it doesn't require permanent installation. It features a compact, lightweight construction, attractive design and efficient and quiet work. Recommended.

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