Ryobi Portable Table Saw BTS12S Review

Here is why you should consider buying a Ryobi portable table saw. Find Ryobi BTS12S table saw features, pros and cons collected from consumer and professional reviews.

Ryobi BTS12S Features Review

Ryobi BTS12SRyobi BTS12S

Ryobi portable table saw, BTS12S is a simply designed 10 inch saw that is built for small and light duty jobs only.

Light weight body of 45 pounds and the small compact size of 14-3/4 x 25-3/4 x 23-1/2 in. are making Ryobi very portable tool. Such a great portability and cheap price are the most recognized advantages.

Due to its simplicity and 13 Amp motor, this portable table saw doesn't perform as the best and stronger Dewalt, Bosch or Ridgid table saws, but it is great for light duty and DIY home jobs.

It also has all the necessary features needed for cutting; recommendation from the manufacturer is to use this saw, mainly for cabinet making and woodworking.

Ryobi portable table saw BTS12S has a rip (metal) fence to position and guide the workpiece for rip cuts and push stick to push small pieces; scale, front rail, miter gauge to set the angle for cross cuts; blade guard assembly with anti-kickback pawls, bevel indicator, blade adjusting handle and bevel locking lever.

On the front of the table saw you can find an adjusting handle so you can adjust the height of the blade. For bevel cuts Ryobi features the previously described blade adjusting handle, the bevel lock lever and bevel indicator, all of them conveniently located on the front of the unit. Rack and pinion bevel control allows you to make angled cuts from 90 to 45 degrees.

Other cuts such as rip cuts, cross cuts, miter cuts, bevel and compound cuts are also available with Ryobi BTS12S table saw. Adjustable T-slot miter gauge allows wide crosscut operation.

Switch assembly is easily accessible on the front of the unit and below the front rail. Yes, the saw has an easy access to power switch but due to the safety reason the key must be inserted into the switch so the saw can operate.

The table size of 16 x 25-3/4" provides support for cutting material and with a 9-1/2" max rip width is capable of cutting the stock with a 3" depth cut.

Like the world known Dewalt 10 in table saw, Ryobi BTS12S offers rack and pinion blade adjustment for more accurate cutting. Hand wheel is used for precise blade height adjustment and rip fence is good for large ripping tasks as it is used as the material guide.

When comparing Ryobi portable table saw BTS12S to other portable table saws mentioned here, BTS12S model requires more work to assemble the unit. This is related to assembling the stand and attaching the saw body to it. The saw is also factory set for accurate cutting, but after assembling it check for the accuracy.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Find out the main pros and cons of the Ryobi portable table saw, BTS12S, found in the professional and consumer reviews. Websites such as Amazon.com, epinions.com, consumersearch.com, Home Depot and buzzillions.com are used as the reference.


  • Very affordable table saw; the price is the most favorable feature.
  • Portable and easy to move around.
  • Good starter saw.
  • Provides accurate and even rip cuts.
  • The saw is designed for basic use only; it cannot cut wider pieces, larger than 10".
  • It works OK for cutting laminated flooring, but it is very hard on 1 1/2" thick boards.
  • Wood comes out clean with very little splintering, especially on the ripped piece.
  • It has longer warranty then Bosch 4100.


  • Built cheap.
  • Motor is loud.
  • Not for serious lumber cutting, it is designed for light duty jobs around the house and not for contractors or carpenters.
  • The top of the table is poorly done, it is rough and the material doesn't slide smoothly.
  • Requires better blade, factory shipped is low quality.
  • Requires occasional adjustment on the fence for square cuts as the vibration from the saw will move it out of alignment.
  • The riving knife doesn't align precisely with the blade, and the complaint is the low quality level.
  • The miter slots are non-standard so it is hard to replace it with a better one, and the result is an inaccurate cross cut and decreased safety.
  • When the blade guard is down, there is very little room at the front of the table to load stock against the square.
  • The table surface is too small and weak to provide stability to the wood. It has a strong tendency to tip. No table extension available so it is not designed to cut long pieces of wood, over 4'.
  • The blade guard is held onto the body with one bolt, it can rotate out of position so the wood jams up.

You can buy this cheap Ryobi portable table saw, BTS12S model online for approximately $150, and it comes with a two year warranty.

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