Best Ryobi Grass Trimmers
Review and Buying Tips

If you need affordable garden power tools with good value for money, consider Ryobi. Ryobi grass trimmers, hedge trimmers, blowers, mowers, and other outdoor products are ideal for home use. Cordless grass trimmers are recommended for another reason: Over the last few years, Ryobi has been developing the cordless power tool lines, important battery improvements have been done, and warranties are extended.

Ryobi cordless grass trimmers or string trimmers, as company named its product line, come in 18-volt and 40-volt battery options. It looks easy to decide – more power is needed for bigger lawn jobs. However, both power ranges offer some great features of every single model worth to be considered, too. We will describe them and give you a short review of the top grass trimmer models.

So, let’s start and see what Ryobi offers for different needs.

Popular Ryobi grass trimmers

Ryobi P2030, 18V ONE+ 10" Cordless String Trimmer/Edger

Ryobi P2030Ryobi P2030

Ryobi P2030 cordless string trimmer is the most lightweight grass trimmer in their offer. The tool has straight shift with interesting lightly curved ergonomic design. Trimmer is inexpensive, made for smaller lawns, and easy to handle.

Ryobi P2030 is powered by 18V Lithium-ion battery, which takes an hour to be recharged. The ONE+ mark means that trimmer belongs to Ryobi 18V ONE+ family of power tools, compatible among themselves, with the same battery platform.

The 10-inch cut width is smaller than the average for grass trimmers, recommended line diameter is 0.065, and line advanced system is automatic. The tool can be easily switched from trimmer to edger. Users usually complain about handiness of low cost trimmers for lawn edging. In response, Ryobi improves functionality with shaft rotation.

All in all, if you need a trimmer / edger for light duty jobs only, pay around $80 in Home Depot for example and get your tool, with battery and charger included in the kit. The manufacturer’s warranty is 3 years.

As an addition to our Ryobi cordless string trimmers review, keep in mind that Ryobi has in its offer the hybrid tool – Ryobi P2210 18V ONE+ String Trimmer/Edger, powered by battery or with an extension cord. The price of dual power trimmer is higher ($99), design is slightly different, but Ryobi P2210 is still in 18V class for small yards.

Ryobi RY40210B, 40V String Trimmer/Edger

Ryobi RY40210BRyobi RY40210B

More power and more versatility are packed in this 40-volt cordless tool. Battery is 40V Lithium-ion and trimmer may be recommended for up to 1-Acre grass yards. The RY40210B provides adjustable 11-13 inches cutting path. You can use twisted 0.080-inch line or 0.065 line, auto-fed. Ryobi RY40210B string trimmer features variable speed trigger, 90-degree pivoting trimmer head, foot pedal for switching from trimmer to edger, and guide wheel, all for better convenience.

The price is still affordable - $119 for this powerful trimmer/edger tool, with 40V Li-ion battery, 90-minutes charger and grass deflector. Ryobi’s 5 year limited tool warranty and 3 year limited battery warranty are included, with 90-day no-risk satisfaction guarantee.

Ryobi RY40220, 40V-X Expand-It String Trimmer

Ryobi RY40220Ryobi RY40220

Ryobi 40V-X tool de-facto combines ergonomic handle with battery holder and Expand-It system, which allows you to add default straight shaft trimmer, or edger, tiller, blower... even gas tools attachments. 

Very popular string trimmer wears a mark Gas-Like Power™ to point out the superior strength of tool, modeled after gas trimmers. Trimmer features a premium 0.08-inch twisted dual line, which allows work with thicker weeds and grass; innovative REEL-EASY bump feed string head, variable speed trigger, and adjustable 13-15 inch cutting width. Ryobi offers 5-year limited warranty and 3 year limited battery warranty.

So, start to calculate. The price of the RY40220 is $169 for RYOBI 40V X power head, string trimmer attachment, grass deflector, 40V Lithium-ion battery, and 90-minutes charger. If attachment capability is one of the features you are impressed with, buying this trimmer is a good decision. With a lower total investment and space saving, you will get all garden power tools in one.


Comparing our reviews with customers’ experiences, we have concluded that users are mostly satisfied with each of three Ryobi grass trimmers. The pros are quietness, good balance, and easiness of use. There are some rare complaints on battery and power issues, the last trigged by unrealistic expectations.

The recommendation is clear. Estimate your needs and choose a cordless grass trimmer accordingly. Only in that case the grass trimmer power will be sufficient and you will be satisfied no matter what Ryobi cordless grass trimmer you buy.

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