Ryobi Circular Saws Review
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It is nothing new that cutting in a complete straight line is definitely a troublesome task. But Ryobi tools have brought out the perfect solution for you with their range of compact battery-operated Ryobi circular saws.

Having the right blades, these saws are completely capable of cutting through the masonry, steel, ceramics and porcelain tiles and wood. In this article we are going to present you with the different features of the Ryobi 18v circular saws which are just perfect for cutting in a straight line. On the internet you shall have a lot of options for circular saws; however, once you check out the different aspects of the portable Ryobi circular saws, you will agree that Ryobi have done an excellent job bringing these out.


Ryobi Circular Saw 18V ONERyobi Circular Saw 18V ONE

Before we delve deep within the similarities, it must be mentioned that there are two different varieties of the Ryobi circular saws. The first one is 18V ONE+ 5-1/2” circular saw and the other one is 18V ONE+ 6-1/2” circular saw.

Coming to the features, both the circular saws comprise of a compact design for efficient handling. They are never too bulky to carry around or big enough to fit in a small area. A high powerful output is present in both varieties that make them perform at par with any corded circular saw.

For prolonged usage, the devices are offered with ergonomic design which comprises of the left side blade offering an improved cut line visibility. The front pommel handle in both the devices offer easy two-hand operation. The complete new GRIPZONE offers an optimum grip for the users which makes it really comfortable to use for a long period of time. If you are looking for easy and smooth blade changes in either of the Ryobi 18v circular saw, both the devices offer a spindle lock along with the on-board wrench for making it really easy to change the blades.


Considering the dissimilarities, it must be mentioned that the 5-1/2” blade offers extended blade life but the 6-1/2 carbide tipped blade offers more blade life than the former. One of the major aspects of the 6-1/2” range of Ryobi circular saws are, it offers 24T ultra thin kerf carbide tipped blade for more efficient cuts, which is not present in the 5-1/2” blade saw. 

Another effective feature of the 6-1/2” Ryobi 18v circular saw is it offers 40% more powerful motor that offers excellent performance for a battery-operated tool. This feature is also not present in the 5-1/2” device. The 6-1/2” device offers a specific 0-56 degree bevel cut capacity which allows the users to make more accurate cut angles. But this specification is also not available in the 5-1/2” blade device. However the 5-1/2” saw offers laser technology which is automatically activated while cutting which enhances the cutting accuracy; and this feature is not present within the 6-1/2” device. The deep cut of 2-1/16” at 0 degree is available and also a deep cut of 1-7/16” deep cut at 45 degree is present at the 6-1/2” blade which is not present in the 5-1/2” device.


Considering the above comparison of similarities and dissimilarities of the Ryobi circular saws, it can definitely mentioned that the 6-1/2” saw is more effective that the 5-1/2” saw. Both are Ryobi 18v circular saws, but the specifications and added features of the 6-1/2” saw are much more in comparison to the 5-1/2” saw. You can browse through the online website of the Ryobi Tools to have a clearer insight regarding the specifications of both the devices, but you can rest assured that when it is about cutting different materials in an organized and accurate manner, Ryobi circular saws don’t disappoint.

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