RCA Portable DVD Player Review

Review of the best RCA portable DVD player for the car, when traveling with kids on a family vacation. Search for the RCA car DVD top features, and see the user pros and cons.

When buying a portable DVD player for car you want quality, good price, reliable and recognized name. RCA brand is what sounds familiar to many users and this is what most consumers are looking for - dependable company.

RCA portable DVD player is a great option for long trips or boring wait times for the doctor's exam, as it entertains the user and makes the time pass faster. RCA portable DVD can be used inside your car using the DC power of the cigarette charger, at home with the AC adapter or in places where the electricity is not available, by using the rechargeable batteries.

This article covers three the top rated RCA models found online. All the listed models below are single screen that comes with the large screen size so two passengers can watch the movie conveniently in the back seat of the car.

Top 3 RCA portable DVD players


RCA Portable DVD Player, model DRC6331BRCA DRC6331B

RCA Portable DVD player DRC6331B comes with a large 10" LCD screen, and high resolution for great movie experience on-the-go. The DVD is using the AC power adapter for watching movies at home, car adapter when on the road and has a built-in 3-hour rechargeable battery for use almost anywhere.

Thanks to the built-in speaker system all the passengers can enjoy the crisp sound of the movie while the headphone jack allows one person private listening without disturbing others. Although the screen is bigger than popular 7" models, the DVD player weighs 3.3 pounds only, still making it easy to carry around.

According to some reviews, RCA Portable DVD Player DRC6331B is the basic player that plays DVD and CD only, with no extra features. Users were happy with the quality of the picture and the sound it makes, but complained that remote doesn't have buttons for volume control. The big screen size, image quality it provides and the large viewing angle makes this DVD a good fit not only for homes but for cars also. RCA DRC6331B DVD was rated 4 out of max 5.


RCA portable DVD player DRC99310KRCA DRC99310K

RCA portable DVD player DRC99310K is advertised as the perfect travel companion as it comes with the convenient and useful features offered in the travel bundle; the remote control, car straps, travel case, earbuds and chargers.

Large 10" LCD screen with a resolution of 640 x 480 and two sets of earbuds with an audio splitter makes this unit great entertainment with the clear picture during long hours on the road. It successfully replaces a standard DVD player, thanks to the AV output which connects to your TV.

The sound quality, as per some online reviewers is good either using provided earbuds or built-in speakers. Few consumers suggested using quality earbuds for even better sound quality or external speakers to make the volume louder. The unit doesn't have the USB port or SD card slot. Also, it cannot use remote to adjust the volume and battery life is too short... less than two hours according to some reviews. Sold as the travel bundle it makes it easy to take along with the provided travel case and other features.


RCA BRC3108 portable dvdRCA BRC3108

RCA BRC3108 is the 10 inch portable DVD player that is a great fit for watching high definition movies (it provides HD picture with 1024x576 lines), thanks to the HDMI 1080p output. The unit also works as the Blue ray player that can plug into your HD TV. It supports standard disc formats and reads different media types.

As other models described here, RCA BRC3108 has both AC and DC chargers, for home and car use, carrying bag with headrest attachment and built-in rechargeable battery for watching favorite shows while on the road.

The design is sleek and stylish. The battery can run from 2.5 to 4 hours which, is more than enough for two movies before recharging. One of the complaints is that the DVD gets hot after several hours of non-stop running. Another drawback, which might be frustrating for both parents and kids, is that DVD doesn't remember where you leave off when you stop the movie.

Most of the reviews were positive and two the most praised features are super quality of the picture that provides clear and vivid colors and the outstanding sound. DVD according to the users starts up fast so it is ready in a matter of seconds.


The above RCA portable DVD player models are coming from one of the oldest and trusted brands in North America, a manufacturer of TVs, VCRs, DVDs, camcorders and other consumer electronics. They are not expensive and can be found in most popular stores such as Wal-mart, Lowes, Best Buy... and many online places.

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