Best Portable Water Heaters Review

Portable water heaters are an ideal solution for your hot water needs when camping, hiking, boating, fishing, hunting, surfing, boating or RV-ing. Portable water heating is also great for cabins when hot water is not used frequently and there is no central heating system.

Portable hot water heaters are mainly constructed as portable tankless heaters that are able to produce an endless hot water, on-demand and in continuous supply. Tank-type water heater can also be found, but are inconvenient to use due to its small and limited tank capacity.

This article is about the best selling small and easy-to-transport water heaters which are, according to its users, used mainly as the camp or cabin showers, also for cooking, cleaning the dishes, preparing soups, coffee or a tea.

Popular portable water heaters manufacturers

In searching for the best portable water heaters, many tank-type and tankless models and powered by propane gas have been reviewed. The stores such as Walmart, Campingworld, Canadian Tire, Lowe's, and manufacturer's sites have been used to get the technical data, reviews and rankings. Based on the top features, user reviews, pros and cons, here is the selection of the best three models:


Coleman portable water heaterColeman

Coleman brand is the world-known name for camping and outdoor activities. Coleman Company has been making and selling recreational products for outdoor use for many years.

You can also find Coleman present in water heating industry, represented by the 5-gallon tank type, portable water heater. 


EccoTemp L5EccoTemp L5

EccoTemp L5 model is the portable tankless water heater with the 2-D cell battery, automatic battery ignition, convenient shower nozzle with ON/OFF control and much more...

EccoTemp L5 provides hot water on demand, only when it is needed. The water heater is great for camping, outdoors and cabins and it must be installed in those places where the adequate ventilation is provided.

Read the detailed EccoTemp review here.



There are several types of Zodi portable water heaters, and all of them are designed for use when camping, RV-ing, hiking, boating and during other outdoor activities. Zodi propane water heater, as the one from picture above, is used as an instant hot-shower and it produces hot water with the temperature of 100 F, in a very short time. 

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