Review of Popular Portable
Washing Machines

We all have those days when laziness wins over doing laundry, but things have changed with the new line of portable washing machines we have in the market. Because we couldn't move the conventional washing machines from the basement, we now have a portable solution you can take with you wherever you go.

Mobile and small washing machines function perfectly like their predecessors and actually need less effort to work and maintain them, but work with smaller loads. These machines are compact, lightweight, easy to move and take less space than conventional machines. The perfect example is the countertop type or floor standing with 4 casters such as brands Haier and Danby.

The portable washing machines are as effective as the big machines with about three wash modes you can utilize, even more, such as Danby with 8 wash cycles. There is quick, normal and heavy mode depending on how stained your clothes are. With the compact nature that makes it light and portable, this state of the art washer has a built in sink adapter where you can fix the faucet. Once the washing is done, you can disconnect the faucet and pack your portable washing machine. There is no tedious and expensive plumbing needed to fix the washer in your washing room.

What to Look for When Buying Portable Washing Machines

The portable washing machine is an appliance like any other. Thus you will definitely need some handy tips which will help you know what to look for in the market. First thing to look for is how easy to use the appliance is. Thanks to their compact nature, they have less buttons to push which makes them easier to handle. The ease of use is evident in how simple the detergent dispenser works, an automatic water level during washing, plus the appliances would not start if the lid is still wide open.


Washing machine WonderWashing machine Wonder

Well they may not be that flashy but the smooth compact design suits them and the function they are built for. The modern day portable washing machines include adjustable legs to keep them stable on the ground especially if placed on a surface that is not leveled out. 

Another added feature is the installable plates which quietens the wash operation, which means no disturbance at any point of time. As technology on these washers advances, they continue to get tweaked up along the way with more features like wash cycle indicators, LED display, delay start, spin-only cycles or excess moisture warnings being added.

Who needs Portable Washing Machines?

Ideally, portable machines for laundry were created for everyone; because no one can resist the convenience they bring. But most important, these washers would best serve people living in apartments that don’t have washing machine fixtures available. Again if you are the kind of person that moves houses a lot, you may not see the sense of investing in permanent fixtures. This is why these washers are designed to handle your laundry any time and can move with you.

The Demerits

Their light weight small nature makes them ideal to handle light laundry. However in the event there are heavy loads to wash, these portable washing machines may not be what you are looking for. It only handles lighter loads, heavy clothes or stuffing the washer with too many items may lead to problems. The lids of some washers also don’t fit well on the surface, thus too much water inside the compartment may lead to a mess all over the floor.


When you are using the portable washing machines, always make sure you put the clothes first then the water comes next. This precaution should always be taken especially where the lid does not fit the top properly. Moreover always make sure its light clothes you are handling and don’t stuff the machine. Other than that, these gadgets will save you the time of dragging huge piles of clothes to the laundry and having to pay to wash them. With the portable washing appliances, it is pay once and enjoy clean laundry forever!

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