Best Portable TV DVD Player Review

Review of the best portable TV DVD player brands. See the top features and user's pros and cons for the top rated and selling portable TV DVD combo units Philips and Envizen.

A portable TV DVD player is an ideal solution for those who are mobile, travel a lot, campers, where the power outage is the frequent occurrence, and for anyone who wants to avoid boring and long waits. Portable TV DVD combo is equally good for adults and kids as it offers lots of audio and video entertainment.

The best portable DVD player with TV combo is multi system that offers watching free to air HD TV channels (PAL and NTSC), watching movies and shows on DVD, CDs, USB, SD cards, even playing games by using the favorite game consoles.

Great things about these small TV DVD players are the compact and lightweight design and mobility; rechargeable batteries so you can watch it anywhere and anytime. They can be also powered through the 12V DC car charger and AC for home use.

One of the most important features to look for is the high density LCD screen with both 4:3 and 16:9 ratio to get the perfect picture, clear, rich in details and full of vibrant colors. For the optimum viewing angle and improved viewing experience, look for the players with the swivel screen as it allows you to rotate the screen or adjust it up or down, to cut down on glare.

Except the "must-have" features, there are some that are very convenient to have; close-caption and sub-titles, earphone jack, TV program, sleep timer, radio, clock, full functioning remote and parental control.

Top rated portable TV DVD player brands

There are many TVs, DVDs and TV-DVD combo units on the market today, some are cheap some expensive with good to great features... making it hard to answer the question - which portable TV DVD player is the best?

This is why I have used several respectful sources to find the most popular, rated and selling portable DVD player TV combo;,, and well known stores such as Sears, Wal-mart, Best Buy and several others.

Philips PET729/37 Review

Philips PET729-37 Portable TV DVD PlayerPhilips PET729/37

Philips PET729/37 is the 7" portable TV DVD player, and is one of the most popular models found online. It has been rated 4.2 out of 5 max., based on over 80 reviews.

Philips portable DVD player is a truly versatile device. It is designed to read DVD, CD, VCD, MP3, view JPEG pictures and watch TV with the built-in HD TV tuner. Quality TV watching depends on the free to air digital channel reception, and according to many users, this wireless reception is one of the qualities Philips PET729 offers.

The set up is easy and fast. Once plugged in the player automatically searches for available TV channels, which allows you to watch TV in a matter of seconds and in real time. Philips PET729/37 model comes with the detachable antenna which can get you the decent number of channels while for the best signal recommendation is to go with the better quality.

Most of these Philips' users were happy with the duration of the built-in rechargeable battery, which allows 3 hours of playback time and simplicity of recharging through the car adapter.

According to the online reviews, there are not many negative comments, most of the reviews are with the three and more stars. The online users were happy with how easy is to use this TV DVD device, the convenience when using its small remote control (it lacks the ON/OFF and volume control), portable and lightweight size and high image and sound quality.

Some complaints were found were users could find not even one channel, or the total number is disappointing - while others were able to catch as much as 20. This TV-DVD player is equipped with the LCD screen, so the recommendation for the perfect picture is to look straight to the screen... otherwise you will begin to see that picture lose its sharpness and clarity.

Envizen Digital ED8850A Duo Box Pro Review

Envizen Digital ED8850A Duo Box Pro Handheld TV DVD playerEnvizen Digital ED8850A

Envizen Digital ED8850A Duo Box Pro is advertised as the handheld digital TV DVD player that features the most popular 7 inch LCD screen. This TV-DVD combination is another of the top selling models that has been rated 3.5 based on over 50 reviews.

Envizen Duo Box, as the previous Philips portable TV DVD combo, is the versatile unit with many useful features available.

Envizen portable DVD TV combo is designed for watching DVD movies, playing MP3 CDs, enjoying photos, watching digital TV channels and also playing games through the game consoles such as Wii or Xbox. Basically, any device with the A/V output can be connected to Duo Box Pro, even camcorder, so you can watch your home videos.

You can switch back and forth from TV to DVD very easy and resume feature allows you to resume play any time without starting the movie from the beginning. Envizen Digital ED8850A supports most of the DVD and CD types and also reads MS, SD and MMC cards.

Duo Box Pro portable TV DVD player uses the car charger for continuous entertainment, while battery, which gives this unit portability, can last 2.5 hours before recharging. Built-in battery is very useful when camping, so buying an additional battery will help you enjoy even more.

Consumers were mainly pleased with this portable TV DVD player, or how someone called it, multimedia entertainment center or mini HD TV. TV has a digital tuner and external antenna so reception quality is from "not bad" to "very good", and the picture is HD, where colors and clarity are more than expected.

One of the complaints is that this TV-DVD combo doesn't support Blue-ray DVDs, but the great thing is that it has USB and SD slots so you can put any movie or show on the memory stick or card and watch it.

The sound is also great, one of the users was using his Ipod for playing the songs.

Several complaints were found were DVD could not play or it kept freezing DVD discs. As stated in one review, you should install the firmware file (sent by Envizen) to fix the problem that was causing DVD to freeze up.

The unit is solidly built, Envizen portable TV DVD combo according to the reviews doesn't feel cheap and light... it has nice compact and portable design. It is very easy to set it up, even without the instruction... and it finds channels fast. It comes with the head rest mount so your kids can watch it in the back of a car. Overall opinion - this is a good product for the money.


Buy a portable TV DVD player and watch your favorite movies or shows anytime and anywhere. The best portable TV with DVD is compatible with most DVD and CD discs, can read USB and SD cards while it offers great features such as high resolution LCD screen, compact 2-3 hr built-in rechargeable battery, detachable antenna, HD receiver, timer, clock...

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