Portable Steam Saunas Review

Portable steam saunas buying guide. Find portable home steam sauna advantages and health benefits.

Portable saunas are an excellent way of rejuvenating and relaxing mind and body. A portable home steam sauna is a synonym of the natural way of cleaning oneself. It makes use of heat to produce sweat and perspire to clean body from toxins.


Portable steam saunas are great for the health, because it increases the blood circulation and metabolism. It also speeds up the recovery process of the body, keep body safe from injuries by raising muscular flexibility. It is an excellent mean of keeping body fresh and relieve stress.

The portable home steam sauna is also very effective in clearing of throat and lungs by removing secretions and mucous, help asthma patients and relieve coughing.

Steam saunas help you detoxifying and flushing impurities out through the opened pores on the skin. It also relieves muscular aches and pain, relieves pain and discomfort of arthritis and hydrates dry skin.

Note: 10 to 20 minutes in the sauna will increase the heart rate by 50-75%.

Portable steam saunas also act as a beauty wonder. Today many massage therapist and spa owners use steamers. Canopy style, for example, is being used by medical specialists, nurses, spas, and all those patients who need an alternative way to relax.

Buying Tips

FIR saunaFIR sauna

If you are not a big fan of public saunas but want to enjoy all the benefits it offers in the privacy and comfort of your home, buy a portable steam sauna. Look for the popular brands and manufacturers as they usually stand behind their product.

Portable models are mainly designed for one person. Most of the portable saunas are consisted of the sauna tent (with zipper or inflatable), made of the moisture-resistant material, steam generator with the hose, foldaway chair and timer. They are foldable for easy storage, have the optional head cover for face and head exposure and opening for hands. They work on 110 and 220 V.

Recommendation is to buy a stainless-steel steamer that is high performing, has a timer, turbo function to begin steaming faster and has an auto shut off function if the water runs out.

There are also portable home saunas where you can comfortably lie on a massage table under the steam canopy. The canopy covers the whole body while the head remains outside.

Consider how they look, quality of material, how easy is to assemble it, what kind of features it has to offer, and be sure about their safety too. At the same time, don’t stop and make a purchase on the spot, rather look for some other shops too. Make a comparison between prices and different models. However, the quality of the product must not be compromised.

Portable sauna sets up with no tools required, or any special plumbing and electrical work.

Using Portable Steam Saunas

It is simple to use your new portable home steam sauna. Waterproof mat and foldable chair should be inside the steam sauna with the zipper up.

Fill the steamer with water and optionally, you can add essential oils, herb bag, bath salt, lemon drops for even better experience. Connect the steam hose and plug into the electrical outlet. In a matter of minutes, your sauna will be filled with warm mist. If the steamer has a turbo function, it will speed up the water boil. Set the timer on the steamer pot on different time settings and to your likeness.

Once inside the sauna, the warm steam then encompasses your body while stimulating the blood circulation, flushes out toxins... it revitalizes the whole body.

The temperature inside the steam sauna is around 115 F and there is an automatic shut-off function if the temperature exceeds the maximum allowed temperature, to prevent overheating.

NOTE: Be aware steam is very hot.


Portable home steam saunas are usually collapsible steam rooms that allow you to experience wet heat sessions at the comfort of their homes. Most of them are designed where you are actually sitting on a provided chair, but you can also find models that cover all your body while standing or comfortable laying on a massage table.

The average price for these small and foldable portable steam saunas is $200, for bigger it can go over a thousand. Bottom line - they will save you money and time that you will usually spent at the spa or gym. It is a great gift for your spouse, brother, sister, mother, father, as it will make them feel better, healthier and look younger.

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