Portable Smoker Grill Review

Selecting the best portable smoker grill. Electric portable smokers and cookers, gas and charcoal portable smoker grill review with pictures and videos.

The Best Portable Smoker Grill

The list below shows the best portable smokers found online, reviewed and rated by its consumers, from the online website such as Amazon.com, Buzzillions.com, consumersearch.com, Home Depot... with the detail feature description, pros and cons.

This review includes popular Cobb portable smoker, portable kitchen system and Brinkmans portable cooker. The common feature among all these portable cooking systems is that they are designed to smoke, bake, roast, fry and boil, for the lunch at home or outdoors.

Cobb Portable Smoker Grill

Cobb Portable SmokerCobb Portable Smoker

Cobb portable smoker grill is one of the best selling portable charcoal smokers found on the Amazon.com online store. With dozens positive reviews, Cobb portable grill and smoker is rated 4 of maximum 5.


The Cobb Premier model is actually not only a portable smoker grill but the whole BBQ cooking system.

The main advantage of this Cobb system is its versatility; you can use it as the outdoor charcoal cooker, boiler, fryer, oven and smoker when camping, fishing, camping, tailgating or at home.

It is also economical to use as it can cook for three hours by using 8 briquettes only. Another Cobb's great advantage is its portability and with the weight of only 8 lbs you can carry it everywhere and still cook for the family of four.

Cobb portable smoker grill cooker has a stainless steel coated dome cover, fire grid and mesh base, making the Cobb system easy to clean, durable, rust proof and with the stylish look. Cobb Premier portable cooker is designed to reach high 500 F temperature inside the cooking system, while the exterior remains cool to the touch. It works like the convection oven; it retains and transfers the heat in a way so the cooking surface doesn't let the fat and juices drip onto the charcoal and produce flare-ups. Built-in moat allows liquids and flavorings to keep your food from drying out and non-stick grilling surface makes the maintenance easy.

You can buy the Cobb Premier system for approximately $139, and the system with its accessories is covered by a limited 2-year warranty.


  • Versatile, you can use it anywhere and for any kind of food; fish, chicken, steak, burgers, hot dogs, bacon...

  • It cooks efficiently and it can reach high temperatures.

  • Lightweight.

  • Easy to clean.

  • Modern stainless steel design.

  • Very affordable for the quality.

  • It allows indirect cooking and searing steaks.

  • No flare-ups and it cooks meat both tender and moist.

  • Great flavor of the cooked meat.

  • Every part is dishwasher friendly.

  • It can be used as the portable tabletop grill.


  • It doesn't provide enough grilling surface, but the surface is high quality non stick.

  • It can supply enough bbq for smaller group only.

  • Non stick coating can start to flake.

  • Lack of the thermometer so you cannot check the temperature inside this portable smoker grill.

  • Expensive.

  • According to some consumers, it is not designed for the fast grilling.

Brinkmann All-In-One Outdoor Cooker

Brinkmann All-In-One Outdoor CookerBrinkmann All-In-One Outdoor Cooker

Brinkmann portable grill is, as Cobb, versatile cooking system, all-in-one cooker. It can be used for five different applications, and by removing or rearranging cooker components, you can fry, grill or smoke with gas or grill or smoke with the charcoal. Brinkmann, when used as the portable gas grill, gas smoker or gas fryer, utilizes 170,000 Btus adjustable burner.

This is the portable grill system and with the welded frame and strong U-shaped legs, it provides stability even when using the large pots.

Brinkmann's portable smoker grill or cooker is using the vented base pan made of aluminum that holds the lava rocks, two chrome-plated steel grills, porcelain enameled water pan and dome lid with the heat indicator for easy grilling/cooking control.

Other features included when buying the Brinkmann portable cooking system are the rust proof drip pan/ash guard, lava rocks, the adjustable gas regulator for precise flame control and the gas hose. Keep in mind, like with other portable gas grills that propane tank is never included.

Smart dome lid design allows it to fit every configuration and transfers the heat evenly; either you are using the Brinkmann to cook, broil, smoke or steam.

Consumer rating on the Brinkmann Cooker is 4 of 5, based on dozen reviews.

The price for the Brinkmann portable smoker grill system is approximately $110, and it comes with the limited 1-year warranty.


  • Brinkmann All-In-One Outdoor Cooker is a portable smoker grill that can use gas or charcoal to smoke; it is a fryer and grill... making it very versatile.

  • All components are included.

  • Assembly is easy and fast and the instructions are straightforward.

  • When used as the portable gas grill, it was easy to maintain temperature by adjusting the gas flow and air intake.

  • The grill is very powerful.

  • Affordable.

  • Takes up very little space.


  • Short warranty.

  • Not too efficient as the smoker the cover is made of the thin metal.

  • When used as the portable charcoal grill, it is hard to access the coals.

  • The grill construction is not a high level quality.

  • The temperature gauge doesn't show the actual temperature, it shows warm/ideal/hot only.

  • When working as the gas portable smoker grill, it is hard to keep the temperature low; the flame will blow out easily.

  • It is using a lot of gas to keep the grill hot enough.

  • No adjustable air vents to control the temperature with the charcoal.

  • Chip box is not included with the smoker.

  • Easy to set the grill paint on fire if you don't follow directions.

Portable Kitchen PK Cast Aluminum Cooker

Portable Kitchen PKPortable Kitchen PK

The portable kitchen PK is the outdoor charcoal grill and smoker, made of durable materials to provide years of grilling, smoking and roasting. Yes, PK is a portable smoker grill but is also great for high heat searing or slow roasting. Its hinged grid allows easy refueling with the charcoal or wood chips and without removing the food.

With its great design and shiny look, this portable kitchen is an excellent addition to your backyard, but you can also use it when camping or at the tailgate party.

It is made of the rust-proof, thick heavy duty aluminum, for maximum heat radiation and for even cooking. Specifically designed venting system enables your PK grill to cook not only directly over the fire, but indirectly as well. The temperature of the grill is easy to control with the adjustable vents and dampers located at the top of the lid, and on the bottom, under the fire. This is especially helpful for slow cooking and when flare-ups from the dripping fat is not welcomed.

The height of the grill lid is 7" high so there is enough space to cook the whole turkey. To cook the food evenly; recommendation is to lower the lid, which gives an amazing smoked flavor.

PK portable smoker grill system is equipped with the rectangular 305 sq. in. heavy cast aluminum cooking grid, aluminum side and bottom trays, which hold the food and grilling tools, two rubber wheels for transport and detachable cart.


  • Minor assembly required.

  • It is easy to carry, weighs only 40 pounds.

  • The entire PK grill system can be quickly disassembled for traveling.

  • Cooks efficiently and it is a great for steaks, chops, burgers, chicken, turkey and even pizza.

  • Durable, some consumers have it for 40 years.

  • Great for indirect cooking.

  • Economical, it is good on charcoal.

  • PK grill maintains an excellent heat control.

  • Adds flavor to meal.


  • Problems with the lid, not hinging.

  • Expensive when compare to other portable smoker grills.

  • Cart could be better, it is not strong enough.

  • The shelf and the wheels are flimsy.

  • No thermometer.

  • Some consumers didn't like the position of the lower vents as they are hard to reach and clean.

  • There is no ash hole for easy cleanup.

  • Along the side grill, you cannot hand your grill tools.

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