Portable Scale Review &
Buying Guide

Best portable scale reviews and buying guide. Explore different scale types for home use, such as digital, bathroom, luggage, baby-weight and kitchen scales.

This article is about the scales that are small and mobile. Portability is what makes them easy to move around and transport, either in your pocket or backpack.

Two types will be presented in this article; portable digital scales that are battery operated and feature a sophisticate technology and mechanical scales that are analog and less mobile due to the weight.

Buying Guide

The best portable scale doesn't have to be the most expensive. There are many scale brands and models that are offering similar features and equally good quality, but for much less money. Ask yourself what features are important for you, read reviews, compare and decide which one to buy.

For example, if looking for the digital bathroom scale, you will find an expensive digital scale with features such as memory, BIA and BMI feature for over $100 that comes with a 2 and 3-year warranty, and at the same time you can find much cheaper scale with the same features and longer warranty.

The perfect example is a budget friendly bathroom scale Salter 9108 that you can buy for less than $30 with all the above features and 10-year warranty, while A&D UC-321S is much more expensive (over $100) and has only three-year warranty.

The most important thing is to have a scale that provides an accurate and consistent reading every time you measure the weight.


Portable digital scale

Handheld Digital ScaleHandheld Digital Scales

Portable digital scale is a scale that uses sophisticate technology, and it is found in almost every application, where weighing is needed; it can precisely measure the food ingredients, jewelry, in field and lab testing, your weight, fat mass, heavy duty truck weighing...

They are powered by the AC adapter which is most of the time included, or battery, which is often not included. They have a large LCD display for easy reading. The scale has to provide the highest precision for your business and is designed to read different units, such as lb, kg, g, oz with the modes that include tare, parts counting, percent weighing...

In a case with the digital medical scales, they have to have sophisticated microprocessor technology to provide highly precise results. Such precision scales have to be accurate, reliable, repeatable and deliver results fast.

Portable luggage scale

Portable luggage scale is designed for travelers and luggage handlers. For travelers, carrying the portable scale means avoiding overweight charges, especially today when most of the flight companies are allowing only one 50-ound suitcase, per person.

The best example of the most useful scales on the go is the HEYS xScale; the world's smallest portable luggage scale.

Digital bathroom scales

Digital bathroom weight scales are designed to measure body weight, body mass, water and fat within the body. They are designed small and portable, and they can accommodate different weighs and sizes of people.

The most popular types are the body fat scales, talking bathroom scales, bariatric and obesity scales. Based on the available features and the quality of the scale, the price range varies from less than $20 to several hundred bucks.

Portable baby scales

Portable baby weight scales are also known as pediatric or infant scales, that are designed to weight little ones, from newborn to toddler stage.

As you have probably seen in the kid's pediatric office, they are using the scale every time your kid has an appointment. The weight and the height of your child are the guideline of its healthy development. This is why a good and precise baby scale is important to have at home.

The most important feature to consider when buying a baby scale is the safety. Other features, such as tare function, memory, PC interface, soothing music, baby friendly design is what adds the value but increases the price.

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