Portable Reverse Osmosis Water Filters

How to select the best portable reverse osmosis water filters? Use this buying guide to learn more about reverse osmosis water treatment, find the top portable models and features.

Reverse osmosis water treatment (RO) is one of the most popular ways of removing the contaminants from water and making it clean and healthy to drink. RO water filters are very effective against the lead, chlorine, pesticides, cysts and many other substances that can affect the taste of water and your health.

Reverse osmosis is the most used method of water filtering, but it has several disadvantages. Permanent (i.e. undercounter) and portable reverse osmosis water filters used at home are not effective against organic substances, unless combined with other water treatment systems. Water treated by reverse osmosis is acidic, aggressive and has a flat taste so add-on cartridges should be considered.

There is a lot of wasted water as the result of the RO water treatment, but the good thing is that most impurities are flushed away. According to some websites, several gallons of water are needed to produce one gallon of RO treated water. Reverse osmosis is a slow filtration process, and it might take some time before you get enough drinking water for your home.

The best filtration systems are the combination of the reverse osmosis and other methods, such as, carbon filter, used to reduce carbon particles, and which cannot be captured by the membranes in RO systems.

How reverse osmosis water treatment works

Reverse osmosis (RO) is, according to Wikipedia, a process used in water purification that uses a membrane filtration to remove water contaminants with large molecules and ions and by applying the pressure. The membrane does not allow larger molecules of contaminants to pass through its pores but smaller water molecules.

Portable reverse osmosis water filters are known as countertop models, and these are using multi-stage method for purifying water; the best RO systems have 3,4 and even 10 phases.

Portable reverse osmosis water filters do require high water pressure for the correct water treatment. Before you buy a portable RO water filter check if the water pressure inside your plumbing system is higher than the specified working water pressure for particular RO filter. If it is lower than find another system.

Built as the portable systems, they are very simple to install and due to its compact size, easy to store.They do not require any power to operate, so they can be used when camping, but remember the minimum required pressure has to be met. Use the faucet adaptor to connect the RO water filter to the faucet, turn ON your tap water and collect filtered water into the container.

Top portable reverse osmosis water filters

Most of the reverse osmosis water filters are designed for under the sink installation, which usually requires a permanent installation. If you need a RO water filter which is mobile, easy to set up and convenient to use, choose one from the listed portable models:

Crystal Quest

Crystal QuestCrystal Quest

The top seller among portable reverse osmosis water filters is Crystal Quest 10-stage RO filter.

This water filter is designed for quick installation in homes, RVs, boats and offices. As the portable RO water filter, it comes with the installation kit so the only thing, you have to do is to hook it up.

The unit has 10 stages of filtration and can produce up to 50 gallons of clean water per day. Water passes through multiple filter pads, activated carbon and ion exchange resin filters, and significantly reduces numbers of contaminants, including cyst (Giardia and Cryptosporidium), heavy metals, volatile organic compounds and other chemicals successfully.


APEC 4-stage reverse osmosis system is another interesting countertop model that is portable, convenient and easy to use. It is recommended for mobile homes, condos, apartments and places that can provide a water pressure of at least 60 psi. As the previous model, APEC 4-stage RO filter system is easy to hook up to your sink faucet. The quality of produced water comes with the high-quality components; all elements are made in USA. This portable RO system uses the combination of the membranes designed with the high contaminant removal rate and big-grain activated carbon filters.

APEC portable reverse osmosis water filters can provide up to 90 gallons per day and treat hard tap and well water and water with the variable pressure and with the high PH value. For even better results, the UV cartridge can also be used.


Portable reverse osmosis water filters such as those mentioned above, are reliable and efficient methods of removing the contaminants from water. Portable water filters are for those who want high-quality water in a compact size, at home, on the go, camping or traveling. If combined with other filtering systems, such as carbon filters, they are even better, they remove most of the minerals, metals, chemical compounds, organic impurities, odors and taste.

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