Portable Propane Grills
Review & Buying Guide

How to select the best small and outdoor portable propane grills for camping, tailgating, RV-ing, patio and backyard. Find reviews about Coleman and Weber portable propane gas grills.

Portable gas grills can be purchased only as portable propane grills, because of its mobility. Propane tank is what makes these grills very convenient and easy to use. Your BBQ is ready in a matter of minutes, a quick solution in your busy life. No need to deal with the charcoal, lighting the grill... everything is done fast, with the one turn of the knob or press of the button.

There are many barbecue and grill manufacturers where Weber, Coleman, Broil King, Cuisinart are among the top selling.

Buying tips

The advantages of having and using portable propane grills are their size, portability and easy to handle. The small size makes portable gas grills perfect when traveling and for outdoor grilling; when camping, for a picnic, tailgating and even bbq on your backyard patio and as the table top unit in the kitchen.

Either you are using it as the camping grill or as the portable kitchen grill, selecting the good portable grill is important if you want to use it for a different kind of food and extended period of time.

As an outdoor portable grill, quality of constructions is very important for propane grills.


Coleman Roadtrip LXE portable gas grillColeman Roadtrip LXE

When searching for portable grills on gas, buy a model that has a sturdy construction and it doesn't rattle or squeak when you gently shake it.

Joints should be firmly welded to each other, with the welds and sharp edges polished smooth for safety, rather than being held together with nuts and bolts or screws.

If looking for more than budget priced grills, look for the cast iron or stainless steel portable gas grills.

Check the quality of material used to build portable propane gas grills.

Thick and sturdy components are what you are looking for, not thin and flimsy. Select only those portable propane grills which have a thicker hood and preferable enameled, as it protects the metal from weather conditions and temperature change.

How to check?

Test your new portable gas grill right at the store, and see how it moves. Large wheels are what you need, so it can turn simply and traverse on uneven ground. The area around the handles should have enough space so you can fit a hand through easily and safely. Handle should be made of wood or or any other heat resistant material, so it won't heat up during the cooking and burn your fingers.

Cooking grates

Cooking grates should be made strong and heavy with protective coating against rust, which also allows easy cleaning. Cast iron and stainless steel are what you should look for. Grilling area should have enough space for at least few steaks or half dozen burgers and best shape is rectangular or at least oval.


Portable propane grills with the electric ignition and push button for lighting are much better choice than gas grills that require matches.

Is the lid important?

Propane powered outdoor portable grill should have a lid designed in such a manner so you can close the grill to allow searing steaks, for example, to be tall enough for cooking the whole chicken and protect the fire when it is windy outside, so performance is kept as designed.


Versatile gas grills are the best, like Weber Q grill series; they are designed as the outdoor models, to be used with the rolling cart with the strong wheels that allows easy transfer, foldable legs, side tables and can use different portable tank sizes. Weber portable gas grill can also be used as the table top kitchen grill with larger tank size and without the above accessories. Two-burner grills are useful for indirect grilling.

Other features

The best portable gas grills are equipped with some very useful features like warming rack to keep the food warm, built-in thermometer to have a better control over grilling the food, gas knobs to change the settings (from low to high heat), be able to use different cooking surfaces (stove top or griddle) and dripping pan to collect grill residues.

Types of portable propane grills

Portable propane grills come in a variety of styles, sizes and options. Most of the portable gas grills are consisted of a grill box with one or more burners, metal cooking grates, igniter to light the grill, gas regulator and options like the hood, cart, side tables and other accessories.

Popular portable propane grill styles are kettle style grills and small and compact table top-type, also called tailgating and outdoor gas grills. The best example of these small, portable, table top, kitchen grills are the Weber Q grills.

Advantages (Gas vs. Charcoal Grill)

  • Portable gas grills are much easier and faster to light than the charcoal grills.

  • Portable propane gas grills can be used indoor as kitchen table top grills and outdoor.

  • Desired cooking temperature is available in a matter of seconds.

  • Desired temperature or heat is easy to control with the temperature or gas control knob.

  • Gas barbecue cleans up easily; there is no ash to deal with, like with the charcoal grills.

  • Gas grills last longer.

  • Portable propane grills have to use flavor chips made of wood, to smoke the food.

  • Propane gas is cheaper. One propane tank can be used several times, and it is very easy to replace and carry.

Disadvantages (Gas vs. Charcoal Grill)

  • Charcoal fume rising from the charcoal is what gives the meat unique taste which is not a case with gas grills.

  • Gas grills are more expensive than charcoal.

  • Lack of real fire experience.

  • Propane grills can be expensive when used frequently.

  • Gas grills are more dangerous.


If making the barbecue for a family, or larger group of people, having a big, fancy grill is great; but if you are single, a couple or need a grill when travelling, a portable barbecue grill is much more convenient. It gives you an option to cook your favorite recipes at home and due to its portability, to use it when traveling or simply tailgating. This is why we vote for the best portable grill.

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