Portable Miter Saw Table Review

Portable miter saw table review and a buying guide. Best small portable miter saw stand for woodworking including Dewalt, Bosch and Trojan.

Tips when buying portable miter saw table

ryobi portable table saw bts12sPortable miter
saw table

Portable miter saw stand is must to have for professional and DIY woodworkers. Portable miter saw stand is actually a workbench for your table saw, designed to make a variety of cuts such as angled (mitre) cut or beveled (compound) cut.

The main purpose of having the miter saw stand is to avoid working on the ground but at the convenient working height.

The stand is very useful for professional carpenters, furniture makers and where the accuracy is imperative. In such demanding woodworking tasks, making precise cuts by hand and without mitre gauge is very hard and time consuming. Even if you are using a low quality mitre gauge that came with the portable saw, a recommendation is to buy a miter table that will fit your needs.

When searching for the best portable miter saw table, look for the one that has folding legs, which give the saw stand portability and easy storage.

At the same time, these legs should be sturdy enough and away from each other to provide back/forward and left/right stability.

The portable miter saw stand should have adjustable legs so you can set the height that works the best for you, and the wheels so you can easily carry it around, from jobsite to the jobsite.

Your miter saw stand should have pre-drilled holes in its base so you can secure the miter saw to the table.

If you buy Bosch Gravity-Rise stand, for example, you will have an effortless and rapid setup and breakdown with a simple use of a lever. For the uneven terrain, Bosch miter saw stand has an adjustable leveling foot and for transporting the saw over the rough terrain, there are two 8-inch pneumatic wheels.

Look for the mitre saw table with the decent extension arms and rollers to support longer lengths of wood. Mounting bracket clamps should hold the lumber at the spot while cutting it.

The best portable miter saw stands

T4B Gravity-Rise Portable Miter Saw

bosch portable miter saw standT4B Gravity-Rise

T4B Gravity-Rise Portable Miter Saw Stand by Bosch is a durable and easy to use tool that eliminates the need of carrying the miter saw.

The T4B features an aluminum support rail and Rapid-Release Tool Mounts, a universal mounting system designed quickly to attach or detach Bosch or any other competitors’ miter saw to the stand.

The support rail has an adjustable height and repetitive stops, it can expand up to 16-feet total, for material support, by releasing the locking knob, which makes the stand great for cutting long pieces of lumbar.

T4B portable miter saw table utilize a simple release lever to raise the system to the best working position or to fold the saw into a push cart design.

This stand has a small foot print so it doesn't occupy a valuable space in your garage or truck, and vertically can be stored in tight spaces also.

Approx. price: $350

Rating: 4.5 of 5 from over 30 reviews found on Amazon.com


dewalt saw miter standDEWALT DW723

DEWALT DW723 Heavy Duty Miter Saw stand is made of the durable lightweight aluminum and with the universal design, is a versatile unit that can be used for majority miter saw brands at the jobsite, garage, shop and on the go.

With its 35 lbs in weight, DW723 stand is much lighter than the previous Bosch T4B (over 70 lb). Such a lightweight size with the built-in handles makes Dewalt DW723 saw stand very easy to carry from jobsite to jobsite.

DeWalt DW723 miter saw stand feature a 5-1/2" rail beam and thanks to the sliding cam-lock extensions the stand can be extended up to 16 ft and support material up to 400 lb.

Retractable legs provide superior support that folds for easy storage, and its work stops/supports can be repositioned quickly anywhere along the rail.

Quick release locking lever and mounting bracket bolted to the saw provide a very simple way to attach your miter saw to the stand.

Approx. price: $220

Rating: 4.5 out of 5, based on over 200 reviews.

Trojan MS-2000

trojan portable saw mitre standTrojan MS-2000

Trojan MS-2000 Miter Saw Stand collapsible design allows an easy storage even with the saw installed. The frame is made of rugged steel tubes, powder coated for protection that is resting on the two big pneumatic wheels for convenient saw transport and maneuvering.

Once the stand is assembled and with the saw installed, it can support 13 feet long wood. If your project requires from the portable miter saw table some additional inches, you can buy MS2000X extension wings, and you will get 30 inches more in support. When the extension is not needed, you can easily put it under the table.

The main drawback is there are no pre-drilled holes and quick-release feature for mounting the saw.

Approx. price: $320

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 from over 30 reviews.


Portable miter saw table is the right solution to accommodate your miter saw either you are working in a wood shop or away. This way you will free up work space, keep the saw at the perfect working height, keep the stock in line, work with the longer lengths and get accurate cuts. The above portable stands are what I and dozens of users recommend (reviews from online websites). You can also find other popular saw tables such as Ryobi, Ridgid, StableMate, Hitachi, Milwaukee, and if these are too expensive for you, it is good to know that you can always build one.

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