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Portable luggage scales expert and user reviews. Find the best and top rated luggage scales; explore the features and advantages. Mechanical and digital luggage scales for traveling including brands Heys, Travelon, Balanzza...

Do we really need a personal luggage scale?

One is for sure. There is nothing worse (except losing a flight) than getting to the airport, waiting in a line for so long, and before check-in, being told that your suitcase is too heavy.

It took you hours to squeeze everything you need in one bag, and now it is just two pounds heavier than allowed. What to do? Would you pay an extra, or...?

The solution is - portable luggage scales; a very inexpensive price to pay for convenience and peace of mind when traveling.

Portable travel scales are must to have for frequent travelers and luggage handlers. They are personal and practical devices, so you can conveniently weigh your luggage when needed, at home, a hotel room, at the airport, on the go... everywhere. And since all the carriers have various luggage size and weight restrictions, your personal travel scale becomes very handy.

Consider this when buying a portable luggage scale...

Buy a portable luggage scale that is compact and lightweight for easy carrying and storage. These small, pocket size devices can be even stored inside your backpack, purse or jacket.

The scale should have a large, conveniently located display, preferable digital, and its readout should lock, so you can easily read your bag's weight. Once the readout is locked, the weight will stay in the display until you clear it.

Digital portable luggage scales are usually powered by two AAA batteries, or lithium batteries that are a better option due to its longer life.

Easy to grip handle with the ergonomic design has to sit perfectly in your hand so when weighing 75 pounds, for example, you should not feel uncomfortable.

The best portable luggage scales should not hurt your hand with the small finger grip handle. Buy the scale which has a higher weight capacity and is accurate.

Either you are buying mechanical or digital luggage scales, expect to pay for a good one, 20 to 30 bucks.

The best portable luggage scales


One of the most popular and top rated portable luggage scales, which you have probably seen on the billboards, bus stop stands in Toronto, Montreal, TV, is xScale.

Portable and very small, xScale is made by the world's known luggage manufacturer Heys. Heys' xScale is advertised as the world's smallest portable travel scale.

This tiny device is only 6x1x1" in size and 4 oz in weight, but it is very powerful as it has a capacity of 110 pounds. It is using batteries to light the blue back-lit LCD display and show the actual weight.

Ergonomically T-shape handle perfectly sits in your hand for comfortable measurements, and a small circuit board inside the scale, quickly and accurately "autolocks" the weight of the luggage for easy read. xScale is a user friendly device that can measure both kg and pounds.

Travelon Micro ScaleTravelon Micro Scale

Another popular pocket size digital scale is Travelon Micro Scale, that also claims to be the smallest.

With the size of 3.75x0.85x1.25" and weight of 3 oz, it is truly a "micro", with the same capacity as the xScale, 110 pounds.

Lewis N. Clark BalanzzaLewis N. Clark Balanzza

Lewis N. Clark Balanzza digital luggage scale works very simply and accurately; lift your luggage, wait for the beep and read the weight. It is battery operated; it uses 2 AAA batteries, which are included in your purchase, so you can use it right away. It's rugged and ergonomic design makes the scale durable, reliable and great performer even for the most frequent use on busy trips.

Auto shut-off feature keeps the battery alive longer, especially when you forget to turn the unit off.

Balanzza scale attaches to the luggage handle with a small strap so you have to click the two ends together to secure the scale to the handle before weighing. Maximum capacity is 100 pounds, and it can show both kg and pound units. With the size of 10x5x1.5" and 12 oz, it is a little bulky and heavy, when compare to the other models on the market.

With over 100 reviews, Balanzza Digital Luggage Scale is rated 4.5 of maximum 5. Approximately, 90 reviews are with 4 and 5 stars and less than 20 are rated with 3 stars or less.

Taylor 8120Taylor 8120

Taylor 8120 is another model from recommended digital portable luggage scales for travelers. The scale is basically a handle with a strap and a small LCD screen on the top. The scale, clasp and strap are made of the durable material.

The size of 5.75x3x1.1" and weight of 7.7 oz makes the Taylor 8120 easy to carry and use. Simply clip the scale to the handle of your luggage, lift it up until it beeps and read the weight.

It weighs up to 88 pounds with the 1/10 lb increments, and the readout is shown on the 1.3" LCD display.

To power the LCD display, this digital scale is using a long life, standard user-replaceable CR2032 lithium ion battery. And with the auto-off feature it saves the battery power.

With approximately 90 reviews, Taylor digital luggage scales are rated 4.5 of maximum 5. Close to 80 reviews are with 4 and 5 stars and less than 15 are rated with 3 stars or less.

Lewis N. ClarkLewis N. Clark

Lewis N. Clark luggage scale is the mechanical scale that accurately measures the weight of your luggage and with the built-in measuring tape, the size.

The scale features a sturdy handle, an automatic weight indicator, the hook and mentioned measuring tape.

Assembled with most of the Japanese components this luggage scale has a capacity of 72 lbs. Automatic weight marker allows you to lift luggage, set it down and then read the weight.

Rating based on over 20 reviews: 4 out of 5 stars; over 15 users rated this scale with over 4 stars.


Portable scale for luggage lets you weigh and measure bags before departure to prevent check-in issues and avoid airline surcharges for the overweight luggage. They are very handy that helps you comply with the airline requirements.

Portable luggage scales are neat gadgets, very useful for frequent travelers and luggage handlers. Luggage scales are designed to save you those extra minutes at the airport and avoid extra pays for the overweight bags.

Either one you buy, from the recommended scales above, you can take them on a vacation, do a lot of shopping without worrying about the last minute scrambles to lighten up the bags.

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