Portable Induction Cooktops Review &
Buying Guide

Portable induction cooktops are among the most efficient appliances for cooking the healthy meal without wasting too much energy, time and effort. It comes in handy when a portable burner is needed for cooking in cottages, RV, camping and places where the traditional cooking stove is hard to install or it is not installed at all.

If you ever find yourself with lots of guests and you have so many things to throw in the pot but fewer burners to work with, a portable induction cooktop is an added advantage. It cooks like a normal gas or electric cooker but it does it differently, here is how.

In order to get the best experience in cooking with the least energy waste, your cookware must have the ferrous bottom with high conduction characteristics.

Pros and Cons

Cooks in a Magnetic Field

One unique trait of the portable induction cooktops is not getting hot while they cook. Instead of the cooktop heating up, it uses an electromagnet to create a magnetic field between its top and the pan. This field penetrates the pan creating a circular electric current which then generates heat.

Simply put, it’s the pan that gets hot while the cooktop remains cool throughout the cooking session. This brings out a host of advantages when cooking with it which we will list below.

The Benefits

The first obvious advantage of the portable induction cooktops is that burns are less likely to occur by touching its top. As an induction burner, its cooking technique is rated to be faster than conventional burners and allows you to make precise settings the food will cook in; e.g. the exact temperature.

Portable induction cooktops are not bulky in nature and will fit comfortably on your countertop or a designated corner in the kitchen. If all your gas burners are boiling hot with ingredients and you need to whip up something else, just bring out another pan and plug in the induction burner to an electric source. It also works as a backup cooking source when you don’t have gas or coal in the house to cook with. It works fast and has lots of power.

The Downside

One shortcoming of the induction cooktops is the use of iron made pans alone to cook food in. Anything else besides that and you cannot cook at all; this means no aluminum, copper or Pyrex material when cooking.

Moreover, it is important to use non-stick pans. The cooktop works by induction so you need pans made of magnetic material. The best way to know the induction qualities of your pan is by placing a magnet on its surface. One of the frequent complaints was that only middle of the pan would work as expected while the outer surface didn’t, as with the induction cooking the heat is generated in 5-7” circle.

You have to rely on good conductivity so the heat covers the whole bottom surface of the pan.

Popular Small Induction Cooktops

NuWave Pic Induction Cooktop

NuWave Pic Induction CooktopNuWave Pic

NuWave Pic induction cooktop is highly rated for its precision when cooking. Designed to fit in any kitchen, it comes with 6 different temperature settings, pre-programmed to offer the best cooking experience.

Its precision praise comes in at the 52 different temperatures it can cook in at 100°F-575°F. As a contemporary cooking appliance, it gives the user the freedom to set the exact temperature for preparing great delicacy. With its light and portable nature, you can carry the appliance around and practically stir-fry, steam, sear, simmer, deep-fry, boil or barbecue food anytime…anywhere!

Duxtop 1800 Watt


The Duxton induction cooktop needs only 120 volts and about 15 amps to cook a full meal. It is loved for its lightweight and small built design which makes it easy to handle and store.

The built in digital control panel comes with its own digital timer and cooks between temp ranges of 140°F- 460°F. Another feature the user will love is the auto-pan detection unit which turns the appliance off if it doesn't detect a pan within a minute of turning it on.

Max Burton 6000

Max Burton 6000Max Burton 6000

This special and compact induction cooktop comes in a pure black color, giving it a great appliance look while it charges out 1800 watts to instantly cook your rice or stew.

On its digital controls, situated at the bottom right of the pan, the cooktop has 10 power level settings which allow the user to control heat between 140°-450°F. Additionally, this ultra-modern cooktop is fitted with sensors that detect overheating or any cookware placed on its top. This helps a lot in preventing scorches or burn injury that are likely to happen while cooking. One of the complains was the very stiff and cheap power cord and loud beeper.


Buying a portable induction cooktop is the great investment for your kitchen. It comes in handy when you have lots of cooking to do but little space to do it in or is great as a mobile and portable stove. An induction cooktop cooks faster and safer at the same time. It is lightweight in nature and hence portable to carry around while still performing any kind of cooking you want it to. There are so many models of the small induction cooktops in the market; the above are some of the best you can consider.

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