Portable Heat Pump Review

Portable heat pump is part of the portable HVAC system that includes cooling in the summer with the air conditioner, heating in the winter with the heat pump, while more expensive systems have air purification with HEPA filters and dehumidifiers.

How portable heat pump works

Heat pump works similar to air conditioners or refrigerators; it moves the heat from one place to another, but in the opposite way. Heat pump contrary to AC is designed to heat the water or air.

These pumps use the standard principle of refrigeration, to draw the heat from air by using the built-in fan and send it across the evaporator coil.

The heat is extracted from the surrounding air that causes the refrigerant inside the heat pump to vaporize, while absorbing the heat.

The heat goes to the compressor which increases the temperature. The hot vapor from the refrigerant enters the heat pump condenser coil where it transfers the heat to the air.


The main heat pump advantage is found in its efficiency, which is much higher than heating the air with the conventional electric heater.

Portable heat pumps usually come integrated with other systems, such as an air conditioner, air purifier, dehumidifier and such versatility is a huge plus for them, versus stand alone appliances.

Other advantages are the pumps' portability and space saving size, which allows you to use the heat pump not only at home but, when traveling also, such as RVing. Portability also provides convenience, you can move your heat pump from room to room either carrying it or rolling on its wheels. You will use this small heat pump, mainly in winter for one specific room, which saves the energy and fuel bill.

The installation is not permanent and is very easy. Some portable heat pumps are designed to reduce the need to drain the condensate that is collected in the unit's tank, while its evaporative technology increases the efficiency.


One of the main disadvantages is that the heat pump cannot work in the colder environment, where the air temperature can go below 3 C, as the evaporate coil might freeze up and damage internal components.

Another drawback is when the heat pump is working; it has a tendency to cool the space they are in. This is the reason why to install heat pumps in isolated locations.

Popular portable heat pumps

This review will cover one of the best selling brands, Soleus portable ac and heat pumps.

Soleus air conditioner and heat pump can be found in several different sizes, designed for several applications. Soleus models are versatile; they can heat and cool, simply run the fan, control the humidity inside your home and keep the air purified.

There two groups available; one is a standard group that offers a heat pump, AC and dehumidifier, designed in sizes from 10,000 BTUs to 14,000 BTUs and more sophisticate series where the heat pump, AC, dehumidifier and the HEPA air purification system are offered through 10,000 and 12,000 BTU models.

PA1-10R-32 and PA1-12R-32 models are the energy efficient, portable multi-season units from Soleus, designed with several systems built into one. Either one Soleus system you choose you will have a versatile model that is constructed as the portable heat pump, air conditioner, dehumidifier and HEPA air purifier that removes 99.97% microns from the air.

Built with the advanced technology, Soleus portable HVAC system includes LCD remote control with programmable thermostat, 24-hour programmable timer for hands-free operation and auto-mode.

Soleus LX-140

Soleus LX-140Soleus LX-140

Soleus LX-140 with 14,000 BTU is one of the best selling models that is utilizing several operations just from one unit. LX-140 model is the portable heat pump, A/C, dehumidifier and fan, designed to cover approximately 450 sq. ft. or medium to large rooms.

The Soleus LX-140 features 3-speed fan with the patented WaveFlo oscillation, allows the automatic distribution of cool air throughout your entire living space.

As being portable, these Soleus HVAC models are easy to move while they save the space inside your home. In order to properly function, venting kit must be installed either in the window opening or sliding door.

Multi-color display is a neat feature that shows not only the temperature but the operation modes, fan speed, compressor status, timer, sleeping mode... and you can change and control them by pressing the control panel buttons. Remote control has all these features also, and is something that adds the convenience when buying the portable heat pump system.

The average price for Soleus LX-140 is $550 and the warranty provided by the manufacturer is one year.

Other popular brands sold through the online stores such as Amazon.com or nextag.com, are; DeLonghi, Dimplex, American Comfort, Toyotomi, OceanAire...


Portable heat pump is a good and affordable solution not only for heating, but cooling and air purification. Designed as the multi unit, it provides the comfort, convenience, low running costs and flexibility in operation, which outweighs many other types of systems.

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