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Best portable hammocks expert and consumer reviews with pictures. Buy a cheap hammock for camping, beach or backpacking. Features and advantages of folding jungle, rope, woven, Mayan, Kelsyus, Pawleys Island, Hennessy hammocks...

Lazy afternoon, a sunset, palm trees, swaying back and fort in your comfy hammock... this is an ideal picture and classic symbol of relaxation.

You can often see hammocks as the inevitable part of the island paradise, within the camping setting or romantic sunset scenery on the beach. A hammock is also a perfect way to enjoy the outdoors in your garden or patio.

Portable hammocks are movable and easy-to-transfer "beds" for sleeping, swinging, leisure and relief anywhere and anytime. At home, it turns your backyard or patio into more living space.

You might find hammocks as a better option for camping than camping tents. They are smaller and weigh less; they can be installed at almost any campsite, and above the ground, so you don't have to deal with bugs and ground pests. To protect yourself from the flying insects, a mosquito net will keep them off of you. The rain canopy protects you from the rain.

Portable Hammocks - Buying guide

Most hammocks are actually portable; even if they are designed for tying between two trees, you can take them down and put them back up wherever you want, fast and easy.



Hammocks are designed with one or more cloth panels, or any other material, with the lengths between eight and fifteen feet and the capacity of up to 600 lbs. Some hammocks are with the reduced size and designed for one person only, while bigger ones can accommodate three or even more people.

Cotton is soft and the most comfortable material, but prone to mold and not a good solution for a sea salt environment and the rain. Colors can fade when exposed to the Sun for some time. Hammock made of cotton is ideal for an indoor application and short outdoor usage.

Polyester is less comfortable than cotton but is stronger and more resistant to salt water, UV lights and rainy weather conditions.

Polypropylene is also a synthetic material, waterproof, and the hammock might feel slippery. Both materials are durable and perfect for the outdoor use.

Sunbrella is the super durable material, dyed with a special solution for a long lasting sun exposure and other harsh weather condition.


Truly portable hammocks are with the frame, they are foldable and easy to move around. The frame or stand folds with no tools required, and they are great for picnics or the beach. Recommendation is to buy a hammock with the strong metal or rigid plastic frame as they are lighter than wooden. On the other side, wooden hammock has more weight but provides better stability.

Such a collapsible design eliminates the need to look for trees or any other support, for hanging the hammock.

Buy a portable hammock with the size that fits your needs, and is lightweight, so it is easy to carry when folded.

Don't buy a flimsy hammock; it should be strong enough safely to support double your own weight.

Aesthetics is also a factor to consider when buying a hammock; there are various color tones, fabrics and patterns available.

When you buy a portable hammock, it will come with a compact carrying bag with a shoulder straps for hands-free portability. Additional accessories such as the inflatable pillow, hammock pads, canopies and compact radios are also available.


Fabric Hammock

Fabric HammockFabric Hammock

If the comfort and fast drying are your main concerns when searching for portable hammocks, then a fabric hammock made of cotton, is what you should buy. Fabric hammocks offer a great solid support as a quilted hammock, but without the cushiony stuffing. This is the standard hammock type, and they are better suited for warmer weather.

Fabric hammocks are also used as camping hammocks, designed to hang between two trees or branches in the camping site.

Rope-type Hammock

Rope HammockRope Hammock

Rope hammocks (look like a fish net) are great for beaches and places where is hot, since their open weave pattern provides a natural ventilation for your body.

The most popular are cotton rope hammocks that are comfortable and stretchable, and durable and waterproof polyester rope hammocks.

Quilted Hammock

Quilted HammockQuilted Hammock

If you are tired of losing your wallet or cell phone through the mesh of the rope hammock, than sturdy weave of a quilted hammock is the solution for you.

Quilted hammocks have a layer of insulation between two layers, which is making the hammock stronger and ideal for cooler climate, but it takes longer to dry when wet.

Handwoven Hammocks

Handwoven hammocksHandwoven Hammock

Handwoven hammocks are always unique. They are crafted by hand by the skilled artisans that offer a personal touch to every single piece for an amazing experience.

Typical examples are Mexican, Mayan or Brazilian hammocks, and they are ideal for backpackers and campers due to their lightweight and easy setup.

Jungle Hammocks

Jungle hammocks are heavy-duty hammocks with a camouflage, waterproof top sheet or rainfly and built-in bugs net, built to resist tough weather conditions, high temperatures, heavy rain and the wind. The Venezuelan hammocks are the good examples of the jungle hammocks.

Other types

Other types include the backpacking hammocks that are made of a thin and lightweight material making them great for longer trips. They include mosquito netting and pockets for nighttime storage.

Poolside hammocks are made for those looking to relax by the pool or ocean. They are made durable and fade resistant that dry fast and can be cleaned very easily.


In trying to find the best portable hammocks, we have selected the following popular names in the hammock world:

  • Kelsyus
  • Bliss Hammocks
  • Hennessy
  • Liberty Mountain
  • Coleman
  • Picnic Time
  • Pawleys Island
  • Island Bay
  • Texsport
  • Eagles Nest
  • Hatteras
  • Algoma
  • Eno hammock
  • Clark Jungle
  • Sunbrella hammocks


At the end of the day, after all the aspects to mull over, choose a portable hammock that is durable, comfortable and soft to your body. Foldable and lightweight is must for short trips as well long journeys. More expensive are those with hammock stands.

Portable hammocks are best for individuals who want to enjoy sleeping outside. The price is between $40 for the cheap portable hammocks to over $200 for a deluxe quality. You can buy a hammock online and offline in many outdoor and specialty stores or in mega-stores like Wal-Mart, Sears, Lowes, Home Depot, Amazon.com. Or, if you prefer you can make your own hammock.

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