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Portable hammock stand reviews, a buying guide with tips and pictures. Explore metal and wooden hammock stands, free standing hammocks, features, advantages and disadvantages.


Portable hammock stands or free standing hammocks are great alternative to the traditional hammocks if there are no trees or posts for hanging a hammock. Stands can be used with your new or existing hammock and the best ones are those that can adjust to fit any hammock size.


Free standing hammocks can be installed almost anywhere; on the beach, camping site, in your backyard, porch, deck, even inside your home. And with the built-in wheels you can move your hammock stand around easily.

You can buy a cheap hammock stand, build a hammock stand or use one that comes with your hammock. If use it outdoors, you will enjoy the beautiful sunset, relax near the pool, even take a nap while tanning. During the winter time, your portable hammock with the stand can be used inside. I can already see my sons asking for one and pretend camping.


As the portable hammocks are designed with and without spreader bar, a recommendation is to buy the appropriate portable hammock stand that will fit your hammock type. If you have read my article about hanging a portable hammock, you will see that hammocks without spreader bar must be set up higher, which is not a case for hammocks with spreader bar.

Portable hammock stands are usually made of PVC, metal or wood and choosing either one will depend on your wallet size, desired features and properties.

Metal portable hammock stand

Hammock standHammock stand

Metal portable hammock stand is usually made of the rugged steel tubing that is powder coated or PVC-coated for protections and look. Due to its strong construction and durable finish, metal hammock stands are ideal for outdoor use.

They are also lightweight, making them perfect to transport and use while camping. You can find metal hammock stands in a variety of sizes and colors.

Other great advantages are the affordable price and tool-less setup which are the reasons of their popularity.

The main disadvantage is a simple and plain look; they are not as elegant as wooden hammock stands. The other problem that you might be facing is the protective paint that can peel off, and if you don't protect it, the stand might develop rust.

More expensive hammock stands are made of stainless steel. They never rust and there is no protective paint. They come with the silver color look. Stainless steel hammock stands are very durable, so they are perfect for any occasion, weather and climate condition; dry, rainy areas, or beaches where they are exposed to salty water air.

Heavy duty metal construction with the hammock cloth attached on the stand with a set of hooks and rings, is providing a sturdy support which is important for safety on one side and comfort on the other.

The most common metal hammock stands are consisted of three beams welded together with spring pins for safety, have wheels for greater mobility, and are available in a variety of finishes.

Wood portable hammock stand

Wooden hammock stands are very elegant and durable stands. The most popular style is the Roman Arc hammock stand, made of the cypress wood or teak wood.

If you choose a wooden hammock stand with more layers, the stand is stronger, which provides better support and more stability.

Being very sturdy, wooden hammock stands are designed to withstand weights up to 600 pounds.

Protective paint or staining is necessary in the outdoor environment as the wood, especially lower quality wood might warp. If the Cypress wooden stand is treated with a water repellent, for example, it will keep its natural, yellow color and last longer.

The problem with wooden stands is they are pretty heavy making them hard to move and transport from one place to another.


Portable hammock stand or free standing hammock is a good alternative to the traditional hammock hanging between two trees. They are versatile, mobile and easy to assemble and disassemble while they offer the same, ultimate experience.

Most of the hammocks are actually sold in a combination with the stand. If you prefer better quality or design, you have that option too.

Depending on your budget, you have few options when buying a portable hammock stand. Metal stands are affordable but too simple, while the wooden is more expensive, but it gives elegance and stability.

Another option is DIY hammock stand kits where you are assembling your own stand and paint into the color you want.

Popular manufacturers or brands are Pawleys Island, Algoma, Hatteras, Texsport...

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