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Review of the best portable gas grills for camping, tailgating, RVing, outdoor, patio and backyard grilling. Is Weber portable propane grill one of the best, or Coleman? Find out more about the most selling Weber Q grill series.

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Below is the list and reviews of the top selling and rated portable propane grills found online, which was created by using the product and consumer reviews from the,, and manufacturer specs. Criteria used in selecting the best portable grills are not only the number of positive and negative reviews but the available features and performance they offer.

This review includes popular Weber portable gas grills and Coleman portable gas grill manufacturer.

Weber Portable Gas Grills - Q-100 model

Weber Q-100 grill is the best selling portable propane grill found on the With over 120 positive reviews, Weber Q-100 is rated 4.5 of maximum 5.

Weber Q-100Weber Q-100


With a modern design this is the smallest model of all available portable gas grills made by Weber.

Sturdy frame, tough cast aluminum lid and the body with the ergonomically design and heat resistant handles are making Q-100 portable gas grill perfect for traveling and camping, tailgating and other outdoor activities.

The main advantages of these stylish Weber Q-100 portable gas grills are the hand size, powerful, easy and convenient grilling. To fire the grill simple use the push ignition button and your steak is ready to be cooked. Burner is made of high grade stainless steel providing the rust protection, dependable service and longevity.

It uses 14.1 ounce propane tank (not included with the purchase) and the burner is designed to produce 8,500 Btu/hr. Below the rectangular-shaped 189 cast iron cooking grate is the catch pan to collect the cooking residues, which is removable for easy clean up. To deal with the uncontrollable flame-ups when grilling, the drip ducts are the great solution for Weber Q-100.

Weber Q-100 portable propane grill gives you lots of versatility. You can add the side trays later, a rolling cart and converter to use 20 lb propane tanks (which makes it less portable-movable).

Weber provides 5-year limited warranty.


  • Weber Q-100 elegant and modern design makes it great as the portable kitchen grill. Many positive reviews on the stylish design.

  • Powerful and durable burner allows great performance.

  • Cast iron grill grates allow even cooking while keeping the heat longer.

  • Food gets done quickly and works great for 2-4 people.

  • Versatile when you buy the accessories like trays, bigger propane tank...

  • Very affordable for the quality it offer.


  • Few consumers complained about the faulty gas regulator and even after replacement burner didn't produce enough heat.

  • I have found frequent complaints that even being portable, it is heavy and hard to clean.

  • Many complaints related to 16 oz propane tank installation.

  • The grill hood is sensitive to wind and the heat reduces when it enters the grill area.

  • The holes in the burner have to be cleaned regularly as they might get clogged, especially when there's a lot of liquid pouring off the grill surface.

Weber Portable Gas Grills - Q 320 model

Weber Q-320Weber Q-320


Weber Q-320 is the upgraded, big brother of Q-100 model (much more expensive though) that offers two stainless-steel burners, is able to produce great power of 21,700 Btu/hr so you can BBQ more steaks, burgers, sausages, ribs, in relatively short period of time. For indirect cooking, you simple turn the inner burner OFF.

Grill uses a 20-pound propane tank and the heating power can be adjusted by using the burner valve. Use the built-in thermometer, found on the lid, to check the temperature and have better control over the grilling process.

These portable gas grills are designed with more cooking space, 462 sq. in. on the grill grate and 69 sq. in. warming rack with two folding worktables, so you can grill and serve more people. Convenient features are tool hooks for your grilling accessories.

Weber Q-320 is movable with the two strong rolling wheels so you can easily use it on your patio and backyard. It can be used for camping and other outdoor activities if you dismantle the stationary cart. It is actually built as the outdoor portable grill, thanks to the sturdy frame, cast-aluminum lid and body and glass-reinforced nylon frame for strength and durability.

Operating Weber Q-320 is easy. The grill is equipped with the electronic ignition for quick and easy lighting.

Based on over 130 reviews found online, consumer rating on these Weber Q-320 portable gas grills is 4.5 of 5.


  • Modern designed so the grill can be used as your primary home bbq and can be transformed into the portable and movable unit.

  • Powerful grill with the great performance so food is ready in minutes.

  • Large cooking area for portable unit.

  • Warming rack is very convenient for heating up buns or keeping the cooked food warm.

  • Versatile with stationary cart and folding tables on a side with tool hangers.

  • Very easy to light the fire with push-button and electronic ignition.

  • Cooks the food evenly.

  • Lid is tall, which makes it convenient to cook bulky food like chicken.

  • Lid light for night cooking.


  • Expensive

  • Broken and missing parts when delivered

  • Too much flammable plastic

Coleman Road Trip Grill

Roadtrip LXERoadtrip LXE


Coleman Roadtrip portable gas grill is the powerful grill with the fully adjustable 20,000 Btu/hr burners that provide a consistent cooking performance, even during the bad weather and when the propane gas is low.

For easier flame and heat control, both 10,000 Btus burners have individual knobs allowing meat to cook evenly with more flexibility.

Coleman Roadtrip grill is ideal as the small backyard grill, and as it is collapsible, it folds to compact size with easy to pull handle and wheels, is perfect for traveling, tailgate party, camping or RVing.

Grill grates are made of high quality porcelain-coated cast-iron, and it is removable so you can use different cooking surfaces; griddle or stovetop. For easy operation and cleaning, these portable gas grills are equipped with the tool holders, retractable side trays and tray to collect dripping grease.

Coleman provides a limited 5-year warranty.

Based on over 120 reviews, found online, consumer rating on these Coleman portable gas grills is 4 of 5.


  • Convenient and versatile. You can use standard, easy-to-find 16.4-ounce disposable propane cylinder, or 20-pound liquid propane tank. Great for camping with the griddle and camp stove attachments.

  • The burner is flexible, 2 separate burners, each with its own control and low and high settings.

  • The set-up is easy.

  • Large cooking area... some reviewers didn't like rounded cover as it limits the amount of food you can add on grill grates.

  • Reaches the desired temperature fast.


  • You cannot sear the steak or cook with the grille cover (lid) in a down position. Bigger sign should notify users that this is for open grilling only.

  • Leaking propane at the burner orifice-tube connection.

  • Hard to clean under the grilling grates.

  • Grease drip pan is made of plastic which can catch the fire.

  • The grill lock mechanism is very loose in a closed position you have to be careful when lifting the grill. The cover opens and both iron-casted grates and the regulator fall out.

  • Heavy.

  • Bad design and quality.

  • You have to take precautions when moving the grill as the side table might fall down.

Weber Portable Propane Gas Go-Anywhere Grill

Go-Anywhere GrillGo-Anywhere Grill


Weber Go-Anywhere portable propane grill is the perfect gas grill for camping and tailgating parties.

Grille grate, made of heavy duty steel is triple nickel-plated for protection and easy cleaning. Its 160 square inches of cooking surface and rectangular shape allows you to cook larger quantities of food like four medium steaks, for example.

Premium-grade material is used for the lid and the body, and both inside and outside surfaces are porcelain-enameled to resist the rust, high temperature and weather conditions.

As the above models from Weber Q grill series, Go-Anywhere model uses disposable 14.1 oz propane tank with the push button ignition system to fire the grill. Weber's patented flavorized bar allows even heat distribution.

To lock the lid in place, Weber is using the heavy duty pivoting legs made of steel and to raise the lid, there is a glass reinforced nylon handle on the top of the grill. Two other handles are used for easy carrying.


  • Weber Go-Anywhere grill is very easy to carry and transport with one hand.

  • The grill is OK for small and quick grilling.

  • Affordable price.

  • Easy to clean.


  • No grease catcher or drip pan. Problems with clogged burner.

  • Several complains were found how this grill does not heat up to a proper level so the grill is low performing, and being good only for "lighter" food, like hot dogs and small burgers. Not recommend for steaks.

  • It doesn't use the standard 16 oz size propane tank that can be found in any bigger store.

  • The automatic starter is dangerous so watch out when you light it, it will blow.

  • "Flavor Bar" is made of low quality material, it wears out fast and burns through; replacement is way too expensive.

  • Based on over 160 reviews, found online, consumer rating on the Weber Go-Anywhere portable gas grills is 4.5 of 5.

All the above portable gas grills are good to excellent. You won't mistake if you buy any of them. I agree with numerous reviewers found online that Weber Q grill series is what you should look for, as the most selling and best rated group of small, compact gas grills.

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