Portable Gas Generators Review &
Buying Guide

The best portable gas generators review, including manufacturers Generac, Honeywell, Briggs and Stratton and other. Select the best model by using the buying guide with the tips, pictures and videos. 

Do you lose power often? Are you prepared for the emergency situation during a power outage? Or you might need power to run your tools or lights where electricity is not available; at the job site, or when camping, partying...

Solution is the portable generator; gas powered device that provides a dependable power anywhere and anytime. The best rated portable generators are reliable, strong, easy to transport, small for portability, but powerful.

Below are the top manufacturers of the small generators with the review of its portable models.

Popular Generator Models

How Portable Gas Generator Works?

The gasoline engine of the generator burns the fuel (gasoline) and spins a small electromagnet inside a coil, and this process will cause electricity with certain levels of Amps and Volts which on the other side give the useful power wattage. Just plug electrical appliances to the socket of the device directly or indirectly to the sub-panel of your home.

Portable generators make use of the combustion engines; therefore, regulators on board are must. In order to produce the standard 60 Hz of AC current, the engine needs to turn at 3600 rpm which is mechanically controlled. To prevent the engine from burning, a voltage controller is required, that is to maintain the output at 120 volts.

Where to use the Gas Generator

Use portable gas generators as the home backup power in a case of emergency. With these small, movable generators, you can run essential home appliances; watch TV, listening radio and keep the fridge running to prevent food spoiling. All the models are designed to work outside only, so what you have to do is to run an extension cords into the house and power the appliances. You can do it directly but the recommendation is to have the electrician and install the power transfer switch.

Use portable gasoline generators when away from home, while camping, RVing, boating, on concerts, parties, trade shows and for other outdoor activities.

You can also use the generator to run the tools such as drills, saws, air compressors... at the construction site, or power the light in distant areas.


Portable gas generators are better alternative than other types of generators. Gas or gasoline is a resource that can be easily obtained but has a short shelf life. Anyone can go to the nearest gas station to purchase it. Refueling is simple as the gasoline can be deposited in containers for temporary storage. Gasoline increases the portability of smaller generators.

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