Portable Far Infrared Sauna Review

Portable far infrared sauna expert review with pictures and videos. Find portable FIR sauna advantages and health benefits.

Small and collapsible portable saunas with far infrared heating, (FIR), are mostly designed as home saunas for one person use. They are truly space savers, convenient to carry, and easy to assemble and repack.

Portable FIR sauna provides similar health benefits as other, bigger home sauna; they are perfect for the weight loss, to increase blood circulation and strengthen the cardiovascular system, reduce the stress and fatigue and increase the energy and immune system.


FIR saunaPortable FIR sauna

Small portable far infrared sauna, such as one from the picture, is designed to fold up and down easily and fast, for a compact storage. Also, no assembly is required; you just have to plug the sauna into a dedicated electrical outlet.

At the top of the sauna body, there are three openings; one for head and two for hands, while the rest of your body is exposed to the smooth and gentle dry infrared heating.

This type of the portable FIR sauna features the foldable chair inside the sauna, so you are comfortably sitting while enjoying the pleasant heat.

Foldable FIR sauna is used in the privacy of your home, and even small in size it includes some great features found in larger home saunas.

One of the features is the carbon fiber infrared heater that is producing heat found in the range from 700 to 1100 W and generates maximum temperature of 150 F.

You have a full control of the comfort level inside the sauna. Hand-held control allows you to turn the heating ON or OFF, change the temperature (e.g. you can adjust levels from 1 to 6 which is equal to the temperature range from 50 F to 150 F) and time which increments the timer from 5 min to 40 min, in 5 min increments. Once the timer is set, it will turn the heater ON and will automatically count down to 0 before shutting the power OFF.

The outer case is made of the waterproof material so it can retain the heat longer. It usually takes approximately 5 min. before the temperature inside the sauna reaches 150 F. With the maximum temperature, the FIR material can emit up to 95% of its energy making them high efficiency that operates with the low cost.

Note: Keep also in mind that proper cleaning is mandatory as there will be a lot of sweat on the chair and the pad; so disconnect the sauna from the electric outlet before wiping off the sweat.

Many portable far infrared sauna reviews say that you won't be disappointed with the purchase, as you will get a small home sauna with beneficial infrared heating that is designed for intense sweating at the privacy of your home.

If the higher temperature inside the sauna is little uncomfortable for you, one of the users recommends to use TV or read a book for distraction.

One of the complaints, which is common in many reviews, is the uncomfortable chair, which comes with the sauna. Chair frame is made of metal so it gets hot fast, and it can burn your legs and arms, unless you put a towel.

As you will spend at least 20 min. inside this portable infrared sauna, recommendation is to make your sitting comfortable (use pillows, stool...). Metal zipper can also get very warm, when the heating level is on the highest, so just be cautious.


You can buy a portable far infrared sauna for a very affordable price, between $160 and $360, with the included FIR heating panel, foldaway chair, and hand-held controller. More expensive portable FIR saunas might include a foot heating pad, wooden foot massage, ceramic heater for additional heating and ionizer, a device that generates large amounts of negative ions and some oxygen.

When compares to the traditional, home FIR saunas which are costing above $1000 and work with higher, less comfortable temperatures, you cannot go wrong.

And remember, FIR high heat efficiency makes your body perspire intensively and just 10 min. in this portable FIR sauna is equivalent to 30 minutes of jogging. Keep in mind that there are different sizes available so if you are higher you might want a large sauna size.

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