Portable Electric Water Heater

Hott Wash is the portable electric water heater ideal for camping, car washing and even for dog and horse showers. Hott Wash uses a standard 110V from the electrical outlet, portable generator or 12V car inverter, which is great for using as the outdoor camping shower in remote locations.

Once plugged in, Hott Wash produces hot water in a matter of minutes. As it is equipped with the water heater tank, it is not tankless, it takes 15-20 minutes to heat all the water.

Hott Wash Model Selection

Hott Wash portable water heaterHott Wash

There are three models two choose from: GL 2.5Ti with the capacity of 2.75 gallons, weighs 15.5 pounds; GL 4Ti, a 4-gallon portable water heater with 3.85 gallons capacity and 17.3 pound in weight and GL 8Ti, 8-gallon water heater with the weight of 29.5 pounds.

All three models are small and compact; GL 2.5 Ti and GL 4 Ti dimensions are: 14" x 14" x 12-1/4", while GL 8Ti model has dimensions 17-1/2" x 17-1/2" x 14-1/2". Such a small size allows you easy transport and handling.


Hott Wash portable water heater is a very simply device that provides a convenient hot water usage. Connect the water garden hose to the Hott Wash heater, plug into the electrical outlet and you are good to go.

This portable electric water heater has one 12.5 amp and 1500 W heating element, Thunder Core, designed for worry free water heating with the quick recovery. These models are also equipped with the heavy duty reset switch that protects the unit from electrical hazard, power outage and storms.

To operate this portable electric water heater is a snap, the only thing you need to do is adjusting the hot water temperature... adjustable thermostatic control allows you to set the temperature between 65 and 145 F. When you receive the water heater, your unit is already safe to use as the thermostat has been factory pre-set at approximately 125 F.

GL 2.5Ti and GL 4Ti portable water heaters are designed with the 1/2 NPT cold and hot water connections installed on the top of the unit, while GL 8Ti is using 3/4 NPT, with two options; water inlets and outlets are designed on the top of the unit for vertical installations and as the side connections for horizontal installations.

Hott Wash is not designed as the portable electric water heater only; it can be permanently installed under the sink, on the wall or sitting on the floor. When using the model as the portable unit, a recommendation is to purchase the rolling cart for easy transport.

The water heater tank is made of the durable titanium which protects the unit from different water conditions, wrapped in the superior insulation for high efficiency and rust protected by using the magnesium anode rod.

This unit is portable, lightweight and compact, which means it is easy to carry and transport especially when traveling or using inside your barn for dog and horse shower.

To buy a Hott Wash portable electric water heater, you have to pay approximately $320 for 4-gallon unit or $350 for 8-gallon water heater. Warranty that comes with your purchase is eight years either using a water heater for residential or commercial applications.


  • Quick recovery.
  • Very easy to install, use and carry.
  • Very useful around the barn.
  • Great for large and small animal needs.
  • Long warranty.


  • Hott Wash is not for two people. You can use hot water for the maximum 10 min.
  • Too expensive, when comparing to portable propane water heaters.

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