Portable Dishwashers Review &
Buying Guide

A review of the most popular portable dishwashers recommended for home use, garage, cottage, apartment, RV, or anywhere where the conventional, heavy dishwasher cannot be used. A small and mobile dishwasher means a constant supply of clean utensils instead using the paper plates and fragile plastic forks and knives. Also, check out a buying guide to save time when searching for the right model.

Buying Tips

SPT Countertop Portable DishwasherSPT Portable Dishwasher

Type and Brands

The first decisions to make when buying a portable dishwasher is whether you need a portable, mobile dishwasher, counter-top or conventional type, and what brand. If you are constantly moving from a house to a house or apartment, then installing a permanent dish cleaner is not a good idea; a portable, mobile or counter-top type will be handier.

Moreover, this easy-to-carry or move device is also a "life saver" where there is no possibility of renovating a kitchen to include a high end permanent dish cleaning machine. Popular portable models are coming from the following brands: SPT, Danby, Maytag, EdgeStar, Whirlpool, Frigidaire, Electrolux and other.


The next decision to make will be the size, how big you want it to be. The portable dishwashers in the market vary in size from 18 inches even less, all the way to 24 inches; so decide which size works best for you and your needs. The unit must be equipped with the four casters to be considered as portable or lightweight such as those called counter-top, not built-in.


Among the features to go for is a quality material such as the stainless steel or durable paint in white or silver finish, which prevents cracks and rust appearing on the machine in the long-run.

Consider the wash cycle of the utensil cleaning machine as well, and the more the cycle the faster the job is done; an added advantage is getting a dishwasher that works on rinse-hold cycles.

Additionally, decide on the rack model for your dishwasher; do you want a removable rack or an adjustable rack?

Another tip for purchase is to select a portable dishwasher that requires minimal efforts to operate. A complex dishwasher will give you a hard time connecting all the hoses and AC/DC sources. Go for something simple and also consider the ease of storage of the device. Lastly, try and buy a portable dishwasher that fit your needs, matches the surrounding, and make sure you buy it from trusted suppliers like IKEA, Sears, Home Depot, Lowe's or Amazon.

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