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Small portable computer printer reviews. Canon and HP portable printers. Laser and inkjet portable printer for notebook computers and PC desktops.

Portable printing with the small computer printers is the necessity for business people, students and other professionals who need their documents prepared on-the-go while traveling, staying at the hotel, motel or airport.

By carrying a small portable printer and the laptop (notebook), you can complete your work outside the office, home or school by printing the documents, photos, labels, receipts, driving directions, airplane boarding passes or contracts.

As they perfectly fit your travel needs, they are also called travel, compact or mobile printers. You can use these small travel printers either with the laptops in your carry-on notebook bag or with the hotels' PC desktop, for example.

Buying Tips

Recommendations when buying a portable computer printer is to look for the popular and the most recognized brand names such as HP (Hewlett-Packard) or Canon for example, due to its long tradition and many years of experience in printing industry. They offer high quality products, good support and easy-to-find replacement parts and service.

Windows or MAC

Consider the operating software you are running; Windows or MAC. See is your future portable computer printer compatible with the platform you are using; most of the today's portable computer printers are supported from these two systems.


Is the battery and power adapter for your car included, and if not, how much do they cost?

If your mobile printer is wireless and the battery has a decent life, better. Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries that store enough power for printing higher number of pages are recommended.

The best option when traveling is the ultra-portable printer with its own battery. Battery is a weak point and since the portable laser printer consumes a lots of energy, portable ink jet printer is what you are looking for.


Invest in a quality printer; find one that has all the necessary features for your business, is portable, small and weighs very little, is printing high quality photos and at the reasonable speed. The noise your computer printer is making when printing is also important, as you don't want to make the inconvenient environment, especially in places like business meetings, library...

Quality of prints

You also have an option to buy a color or black-and-white unit, where the color printer is a bit more expensive. Check how many pages you can print by using only one ink supply.

Good quality portable inkjet printer is printing laser-quality black text, provides vivid color pages and high quality photos. The quality of the prints is measured through the black and color printing speed, in ppm, and black and color printing resolution, in dpi.

See what the paper handling input capacity is, or how many paper sheets can be stored in a tray, and what are the supported paper sizes, more is better.


Infrared technology, slot for the memory card and Bluetooth adapter are what makes some portable printers top of the line, together with their ability to print the documents or pictures directly from handheld devices such as PDA, cameras, BlackBerry, laptops through USB wire or wirelessly.


Before you buy any of the portable printers, the suggestion is to test or ask for the print demonstration. Printers are affordable today, but the ink is still pricey. Some models such as Canon IP100 have a neat feature, an ink-saving mode to provide an economy printing. One option to lower the cost is to buy a compatible refill kit, but my experience says stay with the original replacement part.

The Best Portable Printers

There are several major players on the market of printing devices and the best known names are Canon and Hewlett Packard (HP).

They manufacture variety models, which are different in size, functionality, speed, quality, available features, accessories and the price of course.

Canon IP100

Canon IP100Canon IP100

Canon portable printer is the leader and the most recognized name in the industry of portable printers. Canon has a great selection of small portable printers for traveling and use on-the-go.

Looking at several online stores, the most selling portable printer for notebook computers is Canon IP100 designed and sold as portable photo printer.

HP H470

HP H470

HP portable printer is another brand you should check out. The most popular is HP H470 series, which offers some great features.

How it compares with the above Canon IP100 check the detail HP portable printer review here.


Portable computer printer is, with our busy lives, the best option if you want your documents or photos printed fast, convenient and on-the-go. Its portability, small size, versatility and ability to run on battery, lets you carry them anywhere you go and print anywhere you want.

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