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Have you bought your brand new highly configured personal computer? Are you concerned about giving your PC or laptop a place that deserves and eases out working on it? Do you need a small, portable and foldable desk for easy transport?

If so, then you are at the right place to find out the benefits of having the small portable computer desk. Before you rush to your favorite mini computer desk, know what you should look for while buying a portable PC desk.

Buying a portable computer desk? What should you look for?

  • Size: A desk size which is compatible to your PC or laptop and small enough for the easy move from one place to another. Look for the mobile and fold-and-go models.

  • Material: Probably the best is a strong wooden structure, plastic or metal telescopic with a durable color coating that suits your taste and is resistant to wear.

  • Weight & Portability: The desk should be relatively less in weight and portable enough to move it from one place to the other in case needed or for frequent travelers.

  • Design: The desk should ideally be designed to accommodate almost all the accessories and output devices like printers, speakers, keyboard, mouse, etc.

  • Price: Finally, it shouldn't be way too expensive. Every penny spent should be worth it.

Advantages of mini portable desks

There are tons of advantages by getting a mini computer desk for laptop or PC. A few of them are:

  • Good protection from wear and tear for your PC or laptop.

  • Foldable desk enhances the room space and look by creating an organized ambiance.

  • The best portable computer desk allows you to use all the accessories and peripheral devices like speakers, woofer, printers, etc., quite effectively with no trouble what so ever.

  • Makes working with the PC a lot easier and interesting.

  • Serves as a writing table and desk to store your stuff like stationery, documents, etc.

Disadvantages of mini computer desks

With a handful of advantages, the portable PC desk is a unanimous choice for your computer. Though there are advantages, it isn't easy to neglect one or two disadvantages. The basic disadvantages which need to be mentioned are:

  • If improperly chosen, the bulky size of the folding computer desk can really irritate you, as it can’t be freely moved from place to place.

  • A poorly designed desk becomes dedicated to your PC and doesn't help you for any other purposes.

Barring a few disadvantages, a small portable computer desk always has something great on offer for someone who can make a good use of it.

Having said that design, size and material are the keys to make the selection of a compact and portable desk, let’s take a look at three latest brands available online today.

Portable computer desk overview

fold-n-go portable computer deskFold-N-Go

Fold-N-Go is the small computer desk that is designed to hold PC monitor, on the top of the table, CPU underneath, and keyboard and a mouse in front. It also works pretty well if using laptop and portable printer, and it still has enough space for a lamp, book, coffee...

Its foldable construction combining with the small size of 29x29x27" makes the desk ideal for transport from one place to another. Fold-N-Go collapsible desk easily transforms to the compact size of 40x4.5" so it works great for rooms with the limited size. Users like the most its sturdy construction, foldable design and that no assembly is required, except to screw in the wheels.

TableTote Portable Laptop DeskTableTote

TableTote is the portable laptop desk that is great for people on the go. Its telescopic legs allow this stand to be fully extended for sitdown and standup use. When the legs are open, you can securely twist them to whatever height you require.

TableTote is the mobile, lightweight and compact desk and is versatile; it can be used from laptops, speakers or as the projector stand, you can adjust its height and the sliding bottom makes the platform extendable. It sets up very quickly and folds down in a matter of seconds. Its compact size of 10x13x1" allows the desk to fit in the backpack or briefcase.

Small Computer Desk With Black Finish

This small desk is another of the great portable desks for your computer. The desk is very portable but made strong; it is made of a heavy-duty MDF board for a great performance and durability.

If used as the portable PC desk, the slide out tray could be used for a keyword and a mouse - good addition for comfort, top shelf for the monitor, lamp and documents and lower for CPU. The product is being distributed by The Green Group LCC. The desk is recommended for small apartments and where the space is an issue.

It’s rightly available at Amazon and the current price is $54.54.

In all, there are many other kinds of foldable, compact and portable computer desk. You can always purchase them online when you take time to research well.


A small portable computer desk is quite an important and useful prospect for somebody who values his workplace. Wise choice made can help you get a ubiquitous portable desk which can be multi purposeful. Keeping the specifications and the price values in view, choosing a computer desk which is small and compact, suiting almost all the sections of users shouldn't be a tough ask.

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