Portable Battery Jump Starters Review &
Buying Guide

Portable battery jump starters are "life" and time savers for every car owner and are the solution for the problem that might strike in anytime: winter or hot summer, also when away from home, on a long trip... There are many battery starter models in the market today; Schumacher, Black & Decker, Wagan, Clore, Duracell... that we are spoilt for choice.

However there is always the best of the best, and below, in our review, we highlight three models of the portable jump starters we believe are a good deal to you or any consumer out there.

This includes top rated models, which reviews, found on Amazon.com, are great and have an average four stars.

Top Models

Schumacher XP2260

Schumacher XP2260Schumacher XP2260

Just as its name suggests, Schumacher XP2260 is the portable battery jump starter that is quite compact in nature, which makes it easy to carry around. It comes with an on and off switch that activates the jump start mode, with a built-in charger that automatically replenishes the depleted battery energy inside.

This new portable jump starter adds LED indicators on its face which alerts the user in case a recharge is needed and when the battery is fully charged. With the sure-grip clamps provided, you can quickly charge the unit by connecting the jumpers to the top and side battery-mount points. One last amazing trait is how maintenance free this gadget is since simple problems like battery acid spills have been taken care of by high-tech sealing; and which also allows for the battery to be stored in any position.


  • Easy clamp and charge with an energy peak of 1200 Amp any given time
  • Compact in nature and easy to carry around
  • LED Indicators to indicate low battery or full charge
  • Built in air compressor; 150 PSI


  • The portable jump starter does not have Energy Star compliance
  • The device lacks RoHS compliance
  • Takes a long time to fully charge the battery starter

Stanley J5C09

Stanley J5C09Stanley J5C09

The Stanley J5C09 portable battery jump starter assures you 500 amp of instant start up power when you purchase it. It packs about 1000 cranking amp at its peak enough to jump start several cars. It also adds a 120 PSI compressor inside fit to air up your flat tires or any sports equipment you have.

One standing out feature of this battery starter is the reverse polarity alarm mode that easily triggers in case of energy surges. The adapter clamps are quite heavy duty and ensure quick charging of the unit unlike other ineffective adapters sold in the market.


  • High end adapter cables for faster recharge
  • Reverse polarity alarm unit to ensure safety
  • LED light inside that has a 270 degree rotation
  • Comes with battery full/recharge needed indicators
  • Quite cheap compared to other battery starter models


  • This unit does not come with a built in power chord
  • Has poor charge retaining ability

Clore JNC660

Clore JNC660Clore JNC660

This is a high level ‘Jump n Carry’ model for that consumer who is tired of dead car batteries or unexpected flat tires. The Clore JNC660 battery starter packs 1700 amps at peak, which is enough to jump start several cars or repeatedly on your own vehicle.

With the Clore JNC660 you don’t have to worry about surprise battery low moments; it comes fitted with a battery status indicator that will always let you know when you are about to run out. You only need an extension cord to connect this device to an AC point and it automatically begins to charge. The battery starter is also designed with a tough grip and compact body that fits perfectly in your trunk and can also be carried around easily. 


  • Packs 1700 peak amps, best for heavy duty work
  • Built in full charge/battery low indicator
  • Compact in nature and portable to carry


  • Does not have a built in charging adapter


A portable battery jump starter is the answer to frequent battery problems or for those who need a reliable power backup. Moreover, your jump starter can also function as an air compressor for your sports equipment or flat tires; you only need to make sure that feature is in the model you buy.

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