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Comparison of the best portable air conditioners for home use. We search and review popular ACs including Edgestar, Haier, NewAir, Whirlpool, Danby, Amana, Delonghi, GE, and select the best for an easy buy. For a better shopping experience, this buying guide helps you understand what to look for.

A portable air conditioner is a small and mobile unit that is designed as a free standing type that doesn't require a permanent installation. These are used for home or room air conditioning (cooling), and its work is based on the same law of physics as residential and commercial type AC.

The most popular models are those that are  28" to 34" tall and have caster wheels for easy mobility. Either buying a top model from Delonghi, Whirlpool, Amana, NewAir or Ge, or the economy model, select one that is multi-functional; so it can cool, heat, dehumidify or simply blow the air for a better comfort.

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All the portable air conditioners work on the simple principle; the inside or outside air is drawn into the AC where it is directed over the evaporator coils, cooled down and then blown back in the room, with the temperature you have selected. This way AC reduces the room temperature (makes it cooler) while increasing the humidity of the surrounding air.


There are two types of the small air conditioners; one with the single hose and models with the double hose, where one hose is used to draw the fresh air in and the other to move the warm air out.

Simple Installation and Handling

The main advantages of the portable air conditioners are the simplicity of the installation, mobility and the compact size. This cooling machine can  be conveniently used where needed, and moved from one room to another. No need to cool the whole house if you don't have to, just the room you want. These small units can also be used for the supplemental cooling where the large whole-house, window or wall air conditioners are used, or if there are no other options. Due to all these reasons, portable air conditioning might be a good solution as the cost-effective alternative to the central or window AC types.


Designed as the versatile units these can be used not only during the summer but year-round; these can blow cold or warm air, move the air by using the installed fan, or dehumidify the surrounding air. The best portable air conditioner is 4-in-1 or 3-in-1 type, found also as AC with a heat pump, and equipped with the advance air filters, such as carbon, which significantly improves the quality of the air.

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