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Oreck Steam-It Mop was built by the Oreck Corporation, a company that was established in 1963 and is the main manufacturer of vacuums worldwide. The company is well known for making the finest vacuums - lightweight and powerful, and that is the reason why thousands and thousands hotels are using this popular brand.

The company also manufactures the chemical-free steam cleaners, known as mop cleaners or steam wands. You can buy the mop for less than $100, or if you pay little more you will get the most advanced Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop.

Models and Features

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop

Oreck Steam-It Steam MopOreck Steam-It Steam Mop

Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop is the most versatile cleaning tool from Oreck. This mop cleans the hard floors with no chemicals used... it actually uses water that produces the environment friendly dry steam to remove dirt and grime.

Oreck' steam wand is powerful not only for floors, but can be used above the floors, drapes and upholstery. Specially designed vapor chamber allows upside-down steam cleaning, above the floors and without spilling. Steam is with a high temperature and low moisture making it perfect to sanitize floors and freshens pillows and beds.

Steam-It Mop, is, due to its portable and lightweight design (8 lbs), easy to carry and store. Its main benefit is that it uses little water and power to provide steam for a very long time if not one of the longest, when comparing to other manufacturers. 1400 watts heater heats the water in less than a minute and its tank holds approximately one liter of water.

For convenient use, this eco-friendly Oreck steam cleaner has a long 25 ft cord, so you don't have to change outlets often and swivel head for cleaning around furniture, under the bed...

You can buy an Oreck steam cleaner for approximately $180, and the steam mop comes with 6 different attachments to cover almost every part of your home; clean drapes, ceiling fans, pillows, mattresses, upholstery, carpets, rugs, bathroom counters, sinks, appliances, tiles, windows, defrost freezer...


  • Steam-It Mop is the versatile unit - you can hold it upside-down and steam clean other surfaces than floors.

  • The tank size is big. You can clean almost the whole house as it provides great 30-45 min. of steam.

  • Cord is long enough for convenient cleaning.

  • The mop is built with a quality in mind and provides reliable work, which is already know typical for Oreck products.

  • It works great on tiles, stone, hardwood.


  • Expensive.

  • It might be heavy with the full water tank.

  • Two micro-fiber cloths that are included in a price should be bigger.

  • Clips that hold the cloths are designed poorly.

Oreck Steam-On mop

Oreck Steam-On mopOreck Steam-On mop

Cheaper version is Oreck's introductory model, Oreck Steam-On mop that you can buy for approximately $80 or less. This model is very light, it weighs 3.8 lbs only, which makes it truly portable.

It uses less power - 900 watts and variable steam control to treat grime, grease and other dirt successfully, and on the surfaces such as marble, ceramic, stone, vinyl, linoleum, and sealed hardwood. Water tank is detachable for easy refill and its capacity of almost 0.5 L allows steam cleaning for 15 minutes. The mop includes two microfiber floor pads, 3-point swivel head and a carpet glider.


Oreck Steam-It Steam Mop is one of the best steam cleaners from this manufacturer you can buy. It is not only eco-friendly floor cleaner that is cleaning without chemicals and detergents, but is a versatile, multi-purpose steamer used for surfaces above the floor, thanks to its unique vapor chamber.

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