Milwaukee Portable Band Saws Review

Either working around the house, doing renovations, enjoy making things from wood or metal or have a small contractor business and need a portable, handheld and mobile tool for cutting and resizing of different metals and wooden pieces, why not checking out the Milwaukee portable band saws, the trusted choice of professionals.

The band saws are very light in weight and small in size, which makes them easy to be operated handheld. These portable band saws will help you in forming different shapes and sizes from the metal pieces or any wooden pieces without any hassles. The most important things to look for in any band saw are the blade speed, blade life and good beam strength, which the Milwaukee portable band saws always offer.

Before we delve deep in to the different features, it must be mentioned that there are three variations of Milwaukee portable band saws. They are known as M18 fuel deep cut band saw, M12 cordless sub compact band saw and M28 cordless lithium-ion band saw.


Milwaukee M12Milwaukee M12

Now, considering the similarities of the three variations, all the small band saws them have an LED light that illuminates the work surface and makes it convenient for increasing the accuracy and productivity. The next factor is that all the three handheld variations are balanced really well. 

One of the major aspects in similarities between all the above mentioned varieties is that each model comprises of Lithium high capacity battery. Though there are variations in batteries, like M28 cordless comprises of the Lithium ion battery, the M12 and M18 incorporates the RedLithium XC high battery, but the common denominator is that they are Lithium-based which offer superior pack construction and a lot more work in one charge. In comparison to any other batteries present in the market, the lifetime of these batteries is much more making the Milwaukee portable band saws much more worthy of purchase.

Milwaukee M18Milwaukee M18


Regarding the dissimilarities, there are a lot to mention. The first factor is the M18 deep cut band saw is portable, but another variation of the M18 cordless is much lighter than the deep cut. While the M18 deep cut comprises of a Powerstate brushless motor which increases the cutting speed and enhances the power through the toughest applications. On the other hand, the M18 cordless band saw is small and it offers a single pass cut on 3” copper, 3” angle iron and the 2-1/2 conduit. 

The M28 cordless band saw comprises of chain drive and worm gear, while the M12 cordless sub-compact portable band saw offers one handed cuts through the powerful motors. It can cut ¾” EMT within 3 seconds and one charge cuts up to 150 times. The M28 offers a 4-3/4” cut capacity while the M12 offers 1-3/4” cut capacity. The blade tension adjustment facility is present in the handheld M12 cordless band saw, but M28 cordless band saw does not offer the blade adjustment facility. 

Considering the variations of M18 models, the cordless version offers a tool-free adjustment material shoe which allows the flush cuts and also the blade ejection system which quickly changes the blade. On the other hand the M18 fuel deep cut offers the largest cut in the industry which can cut up to 5” in one pass.

Milwaukee M28Milwaukee M28


From the above descriptions regarding the different features of Milwaukee portable band saws, it can be said that all the models offer brilliant functionalities like being small, portable and handheld; however, from the features, it is evident that both M18 cordless and M18 fuel deep cut will be the best choice among the three variations of portable band saws brought out by Milwaukee. You will be able to avail a lot more features and deepest cut with the help of the M18 Milwaukee band saw than any other.

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