Best Milwaukee Cordless Drills Review

Milwaukee is the brand of choice of many professionals. Milwaukee cordless drills are among them. Beside the Milwaukee name stands the tagline “Nothing but heavy duty”, which means the robustness is the very first feature.

Today Milwaukee is recognized for its patented innovative solutions and enhanced series of more and more powerful tools.

Before we move to the presentation of the most popular Milwaukee cordless drills, let’s explain some of the innovations trademarked by Milwaukee. You will find them for sure in product descriptions.

REDLITHIUM is not a common lithium-ion battery. Technology and chemistry improvements in Milwaukee laboratories made it to last longer, run up cooler, and provide more output power. REDLITHIUM batteries come in XC 2.0, XC 4.0, XC 5.0, XC 6.0 packs and an extraordinary, High demand XC 9.0 pack. Numbers mean Amp Hours and REDLITHIUM High demand XC 9.0 is, according to the manufacturer, the world first and only 18V battery with these features.

FUEL is Milwaukee product line of high-performance cordless tools, introduced in 2012. Tools have more power, more runtime, and longer motor life, thanks to three superior technologies: the POWERSTATE brushless motor, REDLITHIUM battery, and REDLINK PLUS Intelligence (optimized performance to protect drill from overload, overheating and over-discharge).

ONE-KEY is a digital platform, designed to link tool electronics and a cloud based program wirelessly, with aim to provide full insight into the tool operation. If you see a wi-fi icon next to the photo of the drill in the catalogue or web site, the tool has revolutionary new feature for control, inventory management, and reporting. It is possible when using application to customize set-ups for jobs and save the settings.

High-end Milwaukee cordless drills are ideal for professionals, but there are also models handy for home use. Thus, we will skip the most powerful 28V models and present two very popular and one exceptional tool, suitable for amateurs, skilled hobbyists, and pros.

Best Milwaukee cordless drills

Milwaukee 2407-22M12

Milwaukee 2407Milwaukee 2407

Milwaukee cordless drills 2407 are the most lightweight and affordable cordless drill drivers in Milwaukee range. Small compact tool delivers 275 in-lbs of torque, the great power compared to competition of the same size. A great plus is all-metal locking chuck, also the unique in its class. Add a 0-400/0-1.500 RPM speed options, fuel gauge, LED light... and you will get an excellent tool for small home jobs. The price of the kit is $109, with 30-minute charger and REDLITHIUM batteries included.

Users really love Milwaukee 2407-22. Beside the good quality for price ratio, satisfied buyers praise drill for fast charge, smooth electric brake, suitability for overhead work and tight places, fitting in the hand... Talking about cons – some users have problems with switch for speed change. Advice: Wait until the drill fully stop, and then change gears. The other frequently mentioned remark is absence of 1/2" chuck and not so proper LED light position.

If you are ready to pay more ($169) check Milwaukee 2403-22 / M12 FUEL 1/2" Drill Driver (more powerful, with FUEL features, but slightly heavier).

Milwaukee 2404-22M12

Milwaukee 2404Milwaukee 2404

Add a hammer function and work with hard materials, including concrete. Still lightweight, still 12V, but with all reinforcements of one FUEL Milwaukee tool (see above what the FUEL line imply). You will get it for $179. Peak Torque is 350 in-lbs, speed 0-450/0-1.700 RPM and the power of the hammer is 0-25.500 BPM.

This tool has the highest score for operation; customers are delighted with weight and size vs. power ratio, and they have positioned the tool “somewhere between 12V and 18V”.  The problem occurs in some cases with bigger than expected shaking, because users were not familiar with this type of a drill. Another imperfection is plastic case. Price is a little bit higher, but not high for brushless motor tool, with enhanced battery and set of functions to guarantee a great durability.

Milwaukee 2706-22M18

Milwaukee 2706Milwaukee 2706

The price of $315 is high for the occasional use, but if you are a passionate DIY person with miscellaneous jobs, plan the Milwaukee 2706-22 18-volt tool to be yours. Smart programmable ONE-KEY hammer drill comes with FUEL features, 1.200 in-lbs of torque, up to 2.000 RPM, and hammer’s 3.200 BPM. Amazing Milwaukee 2706-22 is the most compact in its class, with 7.60” in length, 4.9 lbs weight, and side handle. The most shining star of Milwaukee drill is relatively new on the market, but first reviews are excellent.

At the end, if the one of the red color Milwaukee cordless drills is your choice, carefully study all features – there is always something new and hi-tech. Here, the highest quality of the toll justifies price.

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