Milwaukee 6238 Review
Portable Band Saw

Find Milwaukee 6238 review, features, pros and cons collected from consumer and professional reviews. Why to buy Milwaukee portable band saw.

From early 1924 Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp. has been designing and building portable electric power tools and accessories, such as the portable table saws, made for both hobbyists and professionals.

Milwaukee 6238 4-3/4" Features

milwaukee portable band saw Milwaukee band saw

Milwaukee 6238 4-3/4" dip cut band saw is an essential piece of hand tools for any handymen and professionals; for wood, metal or plastic cutting at the jobsite and outside the shop.

Model 6238 4-3/4" features a 6A motor, built with all ball and roller bearings for durable and reliable work. Motor has two speed settings; low 250 ft per minute and high 350 ftpm, making it very convenient when cutting materials with different thickness.

Maximum cutting capacity is 4-3/4"x4-3/4" for the rectangular stock and 4-3/4" for the round.

This saw is high performing tool thanks to the powerful motor equipped with the long life brushes and high output fan. This is what allows Milwaukee 6238 band saw an easy and dip cutting even for the tougher materials.

High torque worm gear with the chain drive mechanism gives an optimum motor torque transfer which results in an efficient work. Self-lubrication with factory set grease eliminates the need for oiling while providing a high wear resistance and increases the saw durability.

Working with the Milwaukee portable band saw, 6238 model, is so easy; it provides a great open line of sight for accurate cutting; an excellent balance since the center of gravity is directly over the blade and by using the front T-handle you will have much better control, which results in straighter cuts.

Milwaukee 6238N Features

AC/DC Milwaukee 6238N model is also a deep cut band saw but stronger than the previous model. 6238N model is equipped with the most powerful motor of 10.5 Amps which results in the very good performing and high cutting speed of maximum 420 sq.ft per minute. As being two-speed tool, it can use lower speed setting at 5.5 Amps which cuts 320 ft. per minute and can provide up to 40% faster cuts and 4-7/8" cutting capacity.

It also offers a 30% thicker rear blade guard and adjustable material guide made of durable steel for different materials.

I have used several online websites such as,, and to find what are the advantages and disadvantages when using Milwaukee 4-3/4" portable band saw:


  • Many users are talking about an amazing quality of Milwaukee tools.

  • Portability allows you to bring the tool to the work not work to the saw.

  • This band saw doesn't occupy too much space in a garage.

  • Great features allow the precise cut every time. Recommendation is to buy a stand for safety and more accurate work.

  • Easy to use and it can withstand a hard working environment.

  • Has a good balance when cutting at an awkward angle.

  • You can use this band saw for materials such as wood, aluminum and steel, bolts, pipes, steel strut, conduit... and it makes a clean and straight cut.

  • 6238 4-3/4" model is equipped with the Blade Tightening Lever that provides a quick and easy blade change.

  • Good 5-year warranty.


  • It can be a bit heavy in some positions.

  • Hard to make square cuts when holding the material.


Based on many reviews I have found for this Milwaukee model users were happy with their purchase and what is common for these reviews is that Milwaukee portable band saw offers a great quality, durability and reliability. You can buy Milwaukee 6238 portable band saw for approximately $300, and it comes with a 5-year warranty.