Mayan Hammock Review

How to buy a Mayan hammock. Before you buy a portable hammock use this buying guide to make the right choice. Which one to choose: rope, fabric, quilted or fabric hammock? Which one is the real Mayan, also known as the Yucatan hammock?

Mayan HammockMayan Hammock

The real Mayan hammock is made in Mexico, 100% hand woven by the native people who are skilled artisans, with the bed usually made of cotton and end strings made of nylon for durability. It is also called Yucatan hammock since this region of Mexico is the main producer.

When planning to buy a Mayan or Yucatan hammock you will recognize them by its vibrant and multi-colored design and distinctive shape.

They come in hundreds of different color combinations, such as rainbow colors, which make them unique and attractive, therefore very popular for sunny beaches.

Unique design

The main difference between Mayan and other types of portable hammocks is in the spreader bar. This particular type doesn't have a spreader bar at each end of the hammock, so instead of being flat, Mayan type hammock is more like a "cocoon", which is according to some reviews very relaxing and great for your back.

Due to the lack of the spreader bar, the hammock tends to wrap around your body, which keeps you warmer in cooler areas. The banana shape supports your body evenly making your relaxation much better than the flat type.

The edges of the hammock are constructed tight, which keeps the hammock in the perfect shape, and you safe. As you are lying in the hammock, the center of gravity gets low providing better support from any side than most of the modern hammocks. Such a design allows you easy to get in, get out or lying comfortably without falling out.

The size

Mayan hammock can be found in different sizes such as twin, double or queen (or Grande and Extragrande) that accommodates one or more people. If it is built for more than one person, the hammock should have more threads and tighter mesh.

Hammock weaving

The Mayan or Yucatan hammock is usually made of cotton or nylon cord and should be strong and comfortable. Nylon hammock has the great advantage as its colors won't fade; they will stay bright and vibrant over time and that is why it is recommended for the outdoors. It is a good choice for using it outside as it can withstand harsh weather better. When compare to the cotton type, nylon hammock has firmer feeling and is less flexible.

On the other side, colors on the cotton hammock will fade over time, but are more attractive than the nylon type. They tend to stretch and take the shape of your body providing an ultimate comfort.

Most of the Mayan hammocks from Mexico are handcrafted that are using the ancient diamond weave, and since they are hand-dyed every hammock is unique. The overall quality depends on the quality of the material and number of threads. The weave should be strong so you cannot put your fingers easily through the threads.

The cotton weaving is made of thin strings, which make these hammocks soft, very comfortable on touch and easy to shape, store and carry. The end strings have to be very strong when hanging a hammock, and that is why these are made of strong nylon.

Due to its lightweight and durable constructions, Mayan hammock is ideal for hiking, backpacking or camping.

Another great advantage of the Mayan hammocks is an easy maintenance. To prevent mold and mildew growth, hammocks without spreader bar, such as Mayan, are easy to machine wash.


Mayan hammock is the favorite type of all portable hammocks due to its extreme comfort, attractive design with the vibrant colors and distinctive shape. It is easy to set up, carry when camping or backpacking and for some people is the favorite place to rest or sleep. Remember, the best place to buy this portable hammock is Yucatan, Mexico; it is great as a souvenir that can be used for many years.

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