Makita Portable Band Saws Review

Are you looking for portable band saws from a trusted supplier who makes quality products and offers them at the best prices, look no further than Makita portable band saws.

Makita has come up with varieties of band saws which are light in weight, portable and handheld, making it really convenient for anyone to use them safely. The internet is full of different varieties of bands saws; and after having a glance at the Makita portable band saws, it will be really easy to confirm these as your final choice. Check out the following features and the comparisons of different models which will make it easier for you to select the particular article that you want for your necessity. 

In this particular review, we are looking at three varieties of Makita bands saws, which are known as: model XBPO1Z, XBPO2Z and BPB180.


Makita BPB180 18-VoltMakita BPB180 18-Volt

All the three models possess a compact design which is convenient to use indoors and outdoors. The workability is made much more convenient by all the three models with a built in LED making it really easy to work for a long period of time, even in inappropriate room light. 

A removable tool hook is present in all the three portable models which secure the tools when they are not in use. The adjustable foot does protect all the three models and offers enhanced support for cutting different pieces of materials accurately. All the three models offer a similar 3-year warranty on the tools which covers any defective materials or repairs. 

The above three small and handheld models are also provided with complete rubberized bumpers and grips for the increased control and safety of the job to be performed. All the three models have proper technologies to enabling faster charge and the rapid optimum charger helps in keeping the battery cool for much more efficient use of charge for a long time. 

Makita XBP01ZMakita XBP01Z


To start with the differences, the first factor that needs to be mentioned is that the Makita BPB180 portable band saw is not provided with star protection while the other two models namely, XBP02Z and XBP01Z have star protection computer controls for the protection against the overheating, over discharging and any overloading. Again the 6-setting variable motor speed control is present in the two models BPB180 and XBP02Z, while the model XBP01Z does not comprise of the same feature. 

Considering the output of the handheld band saws’ built-in motor, the blade speed for XBP01Z is 630 ft/min, while the blade speed for the other two devices is 275-530 ft/min. Another major difference between the three models is the XBP01Z weighs only 7.5 lbs which makes it really light in weight and easy for handheld operations, while the other two varieties weigh around 14.3 lbs. The sizes of the blades are variable in nature. 

The model XBP01Z offers standard size 32-78*1/2” inch blades while the model XBP02Z offers the size of 44-7/8*1/2” blades. On the model BPB180, two types of chargers are present: one is a 30-minute optimum charger while the other is a 45-minute charger, but the other two models comprises of a 45-minute optimum charger only.

Makita XBP02Z portable band sawMakita XBP02Z


Considering the overall factors of Makita portable band saws, it must be said that the model XBP01Z will be the most effective one. The reason is, except the optimum 30-minutes battery charger, all the aspects starting from enhanced blade and motor speed to being light in weight making it portable and handheld, this model covers it all for you. It will be really easy to grip, being small in its size, and will not occupy a huge amount of space.

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