Best Makita Cordless Drills Review

Makita power drills are among the most popular power tools on the market. Both Makita cordless drills and corded drills are in everyday use all around the world and you will encounter many recommendations and impressions when asking for advice, online or in person.

Here we will take a brief look at some general features of Makita cordless drills and, after that, compare three models worth to be considered when buying.

At a first glance, it is clear that emphasis in development has been placed on motor and battery improvements, and compactness. In the model specifications, you will find two important abbreviations: CXT and LXT.

CXT mark comes with 12-volt driver drills and indicates belonging to the next, compact generation in 12V tool lines.

LXT is the sign that tool is one of the Makita's best positioned, high efficient 18V drills, with fastest-charging Lithium-ion batteries. The manufacturer underlines that performance of these cordless tools can beat the corded counterparts.

Although the models without these abbreviations may be found in retail stores, it is better to invest in CXT or LXT Makita cordless drills.

Albeit slowly, brushless motor is becoming a standard for power drill. Manufacturers have incorporated it mainly into 18V tools, but Makita offers 12V drills with brushless motor inside. So, we have decided to review two similar 12V driver drills, both highly recommended, to see what the differences between brush and brushless motor tools are. After that, find a review of one more powerful, affordable and very popular 18V Makita hammer driver drill.

Best Makita cordless drills

Makita FD05R1 12V Max CXT 

Makita FD05R1Makita FD05R1

Makita FD05R1is an ideal driver drill for hobby and professional use on occasional or simpler everyday projects. The main benefits are lightweight (only 2.4 lbs) combined with sufficient power of 250 in/lbs. of torque and two speed options (0-450 and 0-1.700 RPM). Standard pack includes Lithium-ion CXT 2.0Ah battery, but tool is compatible with the CXT 4.0Ah battery, too. Makita FD05R1 is compact, handy drill, which could stand alone when not in use. Keyless 3/8" chuck provides easy bit change and LED light illuminates working surface.

The price is affordable. For $119 you will get a 12V tool, CXT Lithium-Ion batteries, charger and tool case. The size/power/price ratio, excellent balance in the hand, quietness, smoothly operation, battery run time, charge level indicator on the battery... are the biggest pros of Makita cordless drills FD05R1.

Tool was introduced in the last days of 2015.

Makita FD07R1 CXT

Makita FD07R1Makita FD07R1

Only three months after Makita FD05R1 model had been introduced, a new 12V drill for light duty work appeared on the market – Makita FD07R1 with a brushless motor inside.

The price of the tool is higher and you could buy it for $158. Does it worth to pay more to get a brushless toool, and what are the differences between FD05R1 and FD07R1 driver drill?

The power of 280 in/lbs. of torque is bigger, and maximum speed slightly lower (0-450 and 0-1.500 RPM). Compared to Makita FD05R1, Makita FD07R1 is yet more compact, lighter (2.3 lbs) and smaller (6-1/16” vs. 7-7/16”). Differences do not seem to be important for occasional use, but keep in mind that brushless model is more durable and efficient if you frequently need a tool. Brushless motor is an advanced technology solution, designed to increases power and extend tool life.

Makita XPH102 18V LXT

Makita XPH102Makita XPH102

Makita XPH102 is marked as “Number 1 Best seller” in “Power hammer drill” product category on the web site. This means – the most popular product based on sales. The price of the kit (tool, 18V LXT® battery, 30-minute rapid charger and tool case) is $99 only.

Makita XPH102 is still compact 3.9 lbs weight cordless drill. Performances include 480 in/lbs. of torque, plus two speed settings (0-600 and 0-1,900 RPM with 28,500 BPM for hammer operation). It is an 1/2-inch power drill, with extra improvements – extreme protection technology (XPT) for use in harsh conditions and Star Protection Computer Controls protected battery.

Well, if you want to buy a more robust tool, this is a real good choice, with one serious warning. The manufacturer said that Makita XPH102 “is engineered for applications in wood, metal, masonry, and concrete.” We have read many customers’ reviews and they claim “not for concrete”.

To sum up: Tree models of Makita cordless drills we have reviewed are the best cordless driver drill tools of Makita for common home drill tasks, with affordable price and professional features. The brand is very present across North America and most user reviews confirm our choice. Power/size ratio of these drill drivers, together with fine chuck, precise torque clutch, ergonomic design... are excellent for the price range.

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