LG Portable Air Conditioner Review

LG portable air conditioner model review. Find the popular LG portable AC, with the features, specifications and buying guide. Compare the top three models and explore its advantages, benefits, pros and cons. The review covers capacities from 9,000 to 14,000 Btu.

LG portable air conditioner showcases in diverse models with unique features. The cooling power ranges from 7000 BTU up to the popular 12000 BTU and 14000 BTU.

Most of the air conditioning units have both cooling and dehumidifying capability, which are beneficial for much better home comfort.


  • LG portable air conditioner comes with various benefits to people who go for it. Let’s examine the major advantages.
  • The LG has various models you can choose from, designed for small and large rooms.
  • LG portable AC is a very compact and mobile unit, and it can be used where needed. These cooling units also offer modern and sleek design, which can fit perfectly in any room.
  • They are small and lightweight and with the provided built-in handles and caster wheels, truly portable.
  • The best LG portable AC, such as LG portable AC, model LP1411SHR with 14,000 Btu, has the ability to cool and heat up a room.
  • Most of the LG products for cooling come with easy-to-use features such as the remote control, control panel with LCD display, auto restart, self evaporation and so on. Self evaporative system is a neat feature as it allows condensing water to be used for cooling the condenser which improves the cooling efficiency and saves energy.
  • All models come with the quick installation guide, and window vent kit for your help. The venting hose is flexible for easy installation.
  • The models come with replaceable parts (such as washable filter) for easy maintenance.
  • All these models come with the drain port located at the bottom.

Popular and Affordable Models

LG portable air conditioner showcases in different models, but only three models are selected, which are among the most popular sizes and very affordable. All of them are single hose models with the cooling capacity that covers from 300 to 500 sq. ft.

LG Model LP0910WNR - 9,000 BTU 


LG portable air Conditioner with the 9,000 Btu cooling capacity can be found as the model LP0910WNR, designed to cool the area of up to 300 sq. ft.

Let's examine LP0910WNR unique features:

  • Auto Evaporation System for continuous work so there is no need for frequent manual water removal.
  • Model LP0910WNR can work in two main modes: cooling and fan mode. It also features: automatic adjusting mode, time mode, sleeping mode with the low fan blow and continuous mode with the high fan blow.
  • Remote control and thermostat for easy operation.
  • Washable and replaceable air filter.
  • Adjustable louvers to control the direction of airflow.
  • Programmable 24-hour On/Off timer to control the temperature inside your room even when you are not present.
  • 2-speed fan with Auto-Cool function.
  • Easy to use control panel with the LCD display. Electronic display shows the set temperature and operating mode, and it contains digital controls to set up the mode, for precise temperature adjustment and fan speed.
  • Energy efficiency ratio is 9.2.
  • Noise level is 55 dBA.Dehumidification 3 Pts/hr.
  • Swiveling caster wheels for better mobility on any type of the flooring.
  • Built-in defrost control.

The current price stands at $299.00 found on Home Depot website, and it comes with one year warranty on parts and labor and five on the compressor. Based on over 100 reviews this 9,000 Btu AC has been rated 4 out of 5. See all the reviews here.

Pros and Cons. LP0910WNR model works great and provides ice cold air for bedroom with the size of 140 sq. ft. The level noise when on the high level was compared to the window type AC, and it was distracting watching TV or conversation. Most of the people bought this LG AC model to cool a room or two and as the supplement for the central cooling system.

Some positive comments were found about the savings during the hot summers, when the central air was replaced by this small unit (portable AC draws a little over 9 amps, which is equal to the average fridge). Setup was simple and moving from one room to another is hassle-free due to its lightweight design and mobility. The unit is very affordable.

LG Model LP1210BXR - 12,000 BTU


LG portable air conditioner with 12,000 Btus, can be found as model LP1210BXR, which is one of the most popular sizes.

Graphite gray body color and modern design makes this unit very attractive. As it offers approximately 12,000 Btu of cooling power, it is designed to provide great cooling comfort in rooms up to 500 sq. ft.

Now let's check the unique features that this LG portable AC offers:

  • Large LCD display on the top of the unit and with the remote control allows easy operation, monitor and control, including fan speed change and an accurate temperature adjustment. User friendly control panel with digital touch buttons and LCD display makes changing settings very easy.
  • Multiple fan speed with 2-way airflow direction provides comfortable and even cooling. Louvers are motorized; they open automatically when the AC is turned ON and close when it is OFF. An Auto Swing feature which activates from the remote control improves the air circulation inside the room.
  • Auto restart.
  • Auto Clean helps in removing the moisture from the heat exchanger coils while preventing the formation of mildew and odors.
  • This model has four modes available: cool, fan, dry and Energy Saver mode which reduces the power consumption.
  • Low noise level.
  • Window vent kit is included in the package for simple installation.
  • No sleep setting.

The current price for this LG portable air conditioner is at $499.00, and it comes with one year warranty. LP1210BXR gets many positive reviews found on several websites such as Buzzillions.com, Home Depot, Amazon.com and other.

Pros and Cons. LG portable air conditioner LP1210BXR, with 12,000 Btu has been rated an average 3 out of 5, based on over 70 reviews.

Most of the complaints were related to the vent hose, that it is hard to install the window kit, or it doesn't match the certain window type. Some users were not happy with the noise this LG portable AC makes, but some users said that this is what comes with the 12,000 Btu cooling power. The noise level was measured 60-63 dBA when the unit had the air conditioning mode ON.

In hotter regions, this AC cannot cool the room to satisfactory temperature. Also, users were complaining that compressor keeps cycling no matter what the temperature you set.

Positive comments are related to easy installation; for some users, it would take less than an hour. Other pros are related to its mobility and portability and user friendly LCD screen. The noise was comparable to a window type AC. Customers liked the feature when the AC was working in the Energy Saver mode and save on the energy.

LG Model LP1010SNR - 10,000 BTU


LG portable air conditioner, model LP1010SNR, with its attractive metallic silver body offers 10,000 Btu cooling capacity, which can make the room of 400 sq. ft. with the comfortable climate during the hot summers.

  • Self Evaporation system for easy maintenance as no buckets are needed to empty the condensation tray.
  • Flexible exhaust hose.
  • Window installation kit for easy installation.
  • 24 hour timer.
  • 3 speed fan so you can select low, mid or high speed and with 2 - way air direction. Swing button makes the louver swing.
  • Electronic LCD display and digital controls for easy operation.
  • Replaceable and washable air filter.
  • Auto restart function.
  • Up to 3.2 pints per hour of moisture removed.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • There are three modes available: cool, dry (dehumidify) and fan mode.
  • 1 year warranty.

The current price stands at $399.00 found on Home Depot website. It is rated 3.5 out of 5, based on 40 online reviews. Buy it from Amazon.com.

Pros and Cons. One of the main complaints was how loud this AC is (fan motor and compressor to be precise) and that vent hose is too big; also not very attractive and it does not create a weather proof seal.

On the other side users were happy with the performance of this LG LP1010SNR model, and that it does what it is advertised to do.

Users like the idea of having the portable AC, as that they can place it anywhere in the room for direct or indirect cooling. Installation is easy, as long as the provided window kit matches your window type. Very easy to operate with the remote control... but it lacks some commands on the control panel. The unit is not Energy Star rated so energy bill might be higher when compare to the high efficient units.


The LG portable air conditioner is a nice appliance to have at home for room cooling and as the supplement to the central air conditioning. When thinking of purchasing an LG portable AC, you need to consider going for the models that will match room requirements for the size, and provide features and easy-to-use controls. The portability as well as the durability speaks volumes for it. You can always go for the best models available in reliable selling portals online or big chain stores such as Home Depot.

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