Coolest Kids Portable DVD Player Review

Review of the coolest kids portable DVD player models with favorite girls and boys characters - Disney Cars, Princess, Fisher Price. Find the top features, and see what moms and dads are saying about their kids new toy.

Buy one of the portable DVD players for kids and watch how they are enjoying watching favorite Disney movies and carrying it around as the best toy they ever had. These nicely designed kids' DVDs are perfect for cars during the long rides or at home before the bed time.

Buying tips for the coolest kids portable DVD player

The coolest kids portable DVD player is designed with your kids' favorite theme on it; Disney Princess, Disney Car, and is usually built by one of the popular and most recognized toy manufacturers, such as Fisher Price.

Kids portable DVD player is pretty much operating as the standard type DVD player you have, it supports CD for music, DVD for movies and photos. They have built-in speakers which is convenient when two children are watching, or built-in headphone jack which allows your kid to listen the music or movie privately, without disturbing other passangers.

Portable DVD player for kids has its own rechargeable battery which is using DC power from the car through the cigarette charger or AC power when charging from the standard home electric outlet. Most of the batteries will last enough for one long or two shorter movies, which is up to two hours of continuous viewing.

Most of the time you will load the DVD at the beggining and they will do the rest; play, stop, skip the scene...

The coolest portable DVD players for kids

Disney Cars 7" Portable DVD Player - Red/Black C7100PD


  • 7" LCD display with the 16:9 aspect ratio. This is what allows viewing widescreen movies.

  • Maximum resolution is up to 480 x 234

  • Built-in rechargable battery for up to 2 hours of playback time

  • Headphone jack

  • Remote control

  • It plays both CDs and DVDs (R and RW).

Pros and Cons:

7 inch kids portable dvd player disney carsDisney Cars DVD

Kids and their parents love the cool design and how easy is to use it. The cars theme is great for young boys. The sound and the picture quality are satisfactorily, but there are many complaints that the DVD is not reliable.

Disney Cars DVD player couldn't play properly, recognize the DVD or CD disk, or charge through the car charger. The price is a little higher for kids DVD player but you are actually paying for the brand name, not for the quality and features this DVD offers.

Disney - Princess 7" Portable DVD Player - Pink/White


  • 7" TFT-LCD display

  • 480 x 234 display format; 16:9 ratio

  • Rechargeable polymer battery for up to 2-hr playback time

  • Full function remote control

  • It plays CDs and DVDs

  • Dolby digital AC3 audio

  • Headphone jack

Pros and Cons:

disney princess portable dvd player for kidsDisney Princess DVD

The pink Disney Princess portable DVD player is so perfect for your princess. As with the above Disney Cars DVD player, this model built for girls also has problems recognizing the DVD or CD, even running one. Some parents didn't recommend it for cars as it skips easily when on bumby roads.

Girls love the cool pinkish design and parents are saying that it is easy to operate the DVD where control buttons are located at the front of the unit. The durability on this girls portable DVD was tested many times, when kids dropped the player on the hardwood floor without damaging the DVD.

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Portable DVD Player


  • 3.2" TFT screen

  • Rechargeable batteries with 2 hours of life

  • Digital anti-skip buffer

  • Headphone jack

  • Dual-grip handles

Pros and Cons:

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Portable DVD PlayerFisher Price Kid-Tough

Fisher-Price Kid-Tough Portable DVD PlayerFIsher-Price portable dvd player is designed for kids; the whole unit is child-friendly; control button are big enough, it is easy to use and is tough - it can withstand a lot of tough play and falls. The unit is very expensive and is not intended for children under 3 yrs. as it contains small parts. But it is perfect as the boys portable DVD.

The screen, when compare to the above DVDs, is very small, only 3.2", but is much stronger and has the gret resolution. If your kid doesn't want to hold it, the unit has a stand that props up.


As per many parents and kids feedback portable DVD players for children are the cool present. Based on parents reviews, the available kids portable dvd player models are pretty cool, or cute what some moms will say, but they lack in quality as you can expect from the standard portable DVD type. Either buying a girls or boys portable DVD, even for babies, expect to pay up to $100 but don't expect extra features or super picture and sound quality. These DVDs are design lightweight, for easy use with simple control buttons. The kids will love it and that is what is most important.

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