Invacare Oxygen Concentrator Review

Invacare oxygen concentrator expert review with pictures and videos. Explore portable concentrators; Invacare XPO2 and Solo 2 models for oxygen therapy at your home or flight.

Invacare is the industry leader in the home medical care market with its respiratory care products such as oxygen concentrators.

Invacare oxygen concentrator features

The most popular Invacare oxygen concentrators are Solo 2 and XPO2; both systems designed for patients with respiratory disorders, who require supplemental oxygen. Invacare POC, due to its portable size can be used in the home or mobile environment.

Both models are using the exclusive Sensi-Pulse technology that can adapt to your oxygen needs, whether you are sleeping or exercising.

Invacare Solo 2

Invacare Solo 2 O2 concentratorInvacare Solo 2 O2 concentrator

Invacare Solo 2 portable oxygen concentrator is an ideal device for patients with the oxygen needs, who wants to travel freely and looking for more flexibility. What is great with Solo 2 is that it offers choices; you can use continuous flow mode or adjustable pulse oxygen delivery, at the convenience of your home or on the "road".

Invacare Solo 2 is also a versatile unit, with a variety of settings; with the continuous oxygen flow you can get 0.5-3 liters per minute (LPM) or up to five settings with the pulse delivery (when the demand for oxygen is detected). The oxygen concentration that is delivered to you is in the range from 87% to 95.6%.

Solo 2 as the transportable oxygen concentrator is FAA approved. When it is working it is very quiet, making it suitable for in-flight use as it doesn't disturb other passengers.

This Invacare oxygen concentrator is user friendly medical device that is not equipped with the hard to understand lights and codes, but a readable control panel with LCD display.


Invacare Solo 2 has all three options for the power supply, which are making it very flexible, convenient and reliable for safe travel. It can be plugged into the standard AC outlet, vehicle DC supply and has a rechargeable lithium battery. Battery, by using AC or DC adapter can be recharged, and its maximum duration is 2.6 hours at 2 LPM (4.5 hr at 0.5 LPM) or 4.5 hours at the setting I, pulse mode. Recharge time is approximately 5 hours.


Maximum oxygen capacity is 3 LPM with the increments of half liter.


Solo 2 is designed small (16.5" x 11" x 8") and with a lightweight construction it is easy to carry, while a wheeled cart is for effortless transport.


You can use Solo 2 portable oxygen concentrator up to the maximum altitude of 10,000 feet. Recommended air tubing on continuous flow is up to 25 feet while when using pulse settings, 7 feet. Solo 2 can be used with humidifier but only when using a continuous flow mode.


If planning to buy Invacare oxygen concentrator it will cost you approximately $4500, which comes with the 3-year warranty. You can also rent one (some stores are renting Solo 2 for $250 per week).

Invacare XPO2

Invacare XPO2 is advertised as the smallest and lightest portable oxygen concentrators on the market. Dimensions of 7 x 4 x 10" and very light construction of 7.3 pounds, with the battery, makes XPO2 extremely portable.

On the other side, with such a small size, come the limited features.

The oxygen capacity is 900 ml per minute, and it is not versatile as Solo 2, as it offers a pulse oxygen delivery only. Pulse dose is available in 1 to 5 settings and as Solo 2 model; it provides a maximum of 95.6% oxygen concentration supplied through the recommended 25 feet air tubing / cannula.

XPO2 doesn't have the LCD display as Solo 2; it features a simple control panel with buttons and lights for flow level settings, battery status, ON/OFF, start-up indicator, breath detect indicator, alarm...

This small and mobile Invacare oxygen concentrator is also FAA approved.


Invacare XPO2 is equipped with the factory installed internal battery that supplies power up to 3.5 hr. when on the setting 1, or if supplemented with the additional battery pack, XPO2 POC can be used for over 5 hours. It takes 4 hours for battery to be fully charged. It can also use AC and DC power adapters for more flexibility.


As XPO2 is very small, it does not come with the wheeled cart (it is available as the accessory), but the carrying case for easy transport.


You can use XPO2 portable oxygen concentrator for high altitude travel, as it is designed for maximum altitude of 10,000 feet. XPO2 is not designed to be used with the humidifier.


If planning to buy this Invacare oxygen concentrator you will pay approximately $4000, and it comes with the 5-year warranty. Rental is also available.

If looking for more information and reviews visit the official website and see the video on


Renting or buying an Invacare oxygen concentrator is very easy. You can use online stores such as or try to find Invacare Internet retailers who are specialized in medical equipment such as oxygen therapy systems.

Which one to buy? If you need a continuous oxygen flow, the answer is clear; Solo 2, but if you need a truly portable and simple device, then go with an Invacare XPO2.

This article is for your info only. Note: Always consult your doctor when buying a portable O2 concentrator.

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