Inogen One PortableOxygen Concentrator Review

Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator expert review with pictures and videos. Explore features, pros and cons of Inogen One G2 mobile oxygen concentrator.

Inogen One G2 is the small medical device, used for patients who are in need for oxygen therapy.

Inogen One G2Inogen One G2

Inogen One is designed as the portable or stationary system, and is also mobile, making it perfect for travel use. It gives you all the freedom and independence while it serves your needs for the supplemental oxygen.

It is small and it runs on battery; it produces the oxygen constantly, so you never have to worry about running out of oxygen.

Inogen One G2 Features

Inogen portable oxygen concentrator is designed to provide oxygen in five flow settings, from 1 to 5 liters per minute by using a pulse dose delivery system.

It is using the Intelligent Delivery Technology to efficiently and safely deliver the oxygen when mobile, resting or sleeping, and almost everywhere.

Control panel

Inogen One G2 control panelControl panel

Control panel is located at the top of the G2 device, and it is consisted of simple control functions for easy operation and easy to read LCD display.

Indicator lights and audible signals are also there to inform you about the status of the machine.

For example, if for any reason no breathing is detected for 60 sec, the audible alarm button will turn ON.

The display shows the selected setting which changes by pressing the button "+" or "-", power status, time left on the battery and error codes.


For easy transport, lightweight cart with handles and wheels and carry bag are used. Provided 7 ft. cannula tubing has to be connected into the metal nozzle on your Inogen One G2 and the oxygen will be delivered while breathing through the nasal cannula.

Inogen One is FAA approved, but always check for the specific airline.


For the portable application, Inogen one portable oxygen concentrator is using rechargeable 12-cell lithium ion battery, for up to four hours of operation. To extend the mobility time, 24-cell battery is also available, with the 8-hour of operation.

When used as the stationary system, Inogen One G2 can be switched to 110-240 VAC, standard electric outlet, or 12V DC from the vehicle. At the same time, battery will charge either your O2 concentrator is in use or not. It takes approximately 4 hours for 12-cell batteries, 8 hr for 24-cell, to be fully charged.


Inogen one portable oxygen concentrator is so small that you can hold it in your hand or at your feet when traveling; dimensions are 10.7 x 9.5 x 3.9" and weight is 7.25 pounds with the 12-cell battery.


You can use Inogen G2 portable oxygen concentrator up to the maximum altitude of 10,000 feet. The device supplies a high concentration of oxygen, which is in the range from 87% to 96% at all settings. It is not designed to be used with the humidifier. Satellite conserver allows you even more flexibility. It gives you a freedom to be 100 feet away from the O2 concentrator by working as the remote.

Note: Always clean the particle filter found at the front of the concentrator to ensure the easy of air flow.

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If planning to buy Inogen One portable oxygen concentrator it will cost you approximately $3500, and it comes with the 3-year warranty. You can also rent Inogen One G2 for $250 per week. Always consult your doctor if you need an oxygen therapy, as these portable concentrators are used on a prescriptive basis; the oxygen flow setting selection is prescribed by the doctor.

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